Home Gym Questions

i am trying to get back into my workout session. ive stopped since school and other things, but now i am prepared to get strong. my questions were…

  1. what exericses should i do for massive gains and strength?
  2. what are some foods easily bought at a&p and other food shopping stores?
  3. what are some supplements i should be taking?
  4. how many times should i eat a day ?
  5. how long should workouts be ?
  6. what a some good home equpiment i should have. ( i currently have a bench press with 2 45’s and some other lower weights ( and also plan on buying a iron gym pullup bar )
  7. any other ideas would be great also?
  8. how much water should i drink a day?

i know its alot of questions but i would really be thankful if you can help me with your personal experience and such.

thank you for your time and effort

Every one of those questions gets answered in the first four threads of this forum. Not trying to be an ass about it, it just gets repetitive answering the same questions over and over (which is the reason for the stickies anyway).

Welcome to the Nation. Get to it. :slight_smile:

3) what are some supplements i should be taking?[/quote]

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