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Home Gym Question


hi guys just wondering who here has a home gym setup? i've just bought a set of weights and bars etc and was wondering what sort of matting i should get so it doesn't damage the floor. i'm in rented accomodation and the basement room i've set aside for the gym is a tiled floorand i dont want to damage it by dropping weights on it, i also have a (home built) power rack which i'll be using which, if weights were dropped on it from a high hight, could cause the floor to crack. has anyone else here got any sort of experience with lifting on tiled flooring? what sort of matting should i use?


I retail fitness equipment and we sell 4X6 1/2" thick rubber mats for your kinda set up. We also sell a puzzle mat which is a little thinner that works with some customers. I suggest going to a Tracker Supply Company (TSC)or a store like it and buying your mats there. They sell basically the same thing for a good price.


Tractor Supply or a similar store. Ask for horse stall mats. You won't need more than two or maybe three, and they usually run between $35 and $55 each


Is there an echo in here? Anyone else wanna tell him to go to TSC?


awesome cheers guys


I'd put down some plywood under the matting to protect tile. Depending on the workmanship, there may be pockets of air under the tile which, if you are unfortunate enough to drop a heavy weight on it, could crack the tile even if you have matting.


Do they have TSC in England?



I was looking at this for my set up,I'm going to use it upside down so the flat is facing up;its from England too.He was doing a three metre length but that has expired now but I'm sure if you asked he will sort you one.


Not quite. You said "Tracker", he said "Tractor".

Just sayin...