Home Gym... POWERTEC?

Anyone used the POWERTEC Multi System Home Gym? I am looking to start a home gym and would like to get a good machine. I see that it has received good ratings…Any suggestions?


That’s quite a bit of money. You could easily get a rack w/ a dip attachmnet, pull-up attachment and all the weights you need. Plus you would still have money left over for something like big boy dumbbells http://www6.mailordercentral.com/Ironmind/prodinfo.asp?number=1224.

I have the powertec power rack and it’s a good rack at a fair price. My advice would be to avoid buying a machine with moving parts if it’s for home use. For home you just need a rack, bar, weights and a bench.

I have 2 sets of Power Blocks, one goes from 5 lb-45lb and the other from 5lb-100lb.Seems expensive at first until you go and try to buy DBs seperatly.

If you are getting the Powertech setup in addition to a rack and free weights, I think it’s a great idea. Between a basic power rack/bench setup and the Powertech multi-station thing, you would have quite a bit of variety in your exercises.

I have the Powertec Leverage Squat machine… and I love it! I have chronic low-back issues and this machine lets me squat A2G with no back flare-ups. It also has a calf block so I can do calf raises.

Here’s a vid. It’s not me in the vid. lol

yeah I saw it at Dick’s sporting goods for $999…but with tax and plates it would cost a bit more. I liked the durabilty of it, the need for no spotter, and it appeared to be fairly easy to use…putting it together look like a pain in the arse…I may need to look at craigs list first…

I got a little different specs on the website…they may have tweaked it a bit

Weight load capacity:

Lever Press Arm = 500 LBS
Squat Lever = 600 LBS
Lat Lever = 400 LBS
Tricep Bar = 250 LBS
Leg Lift = 250 LBS
Arm Curl = 250 LBS
Ab Crunch = 150 LBS

I have a Powertec bench and I love it. Nice and low to the ground and very solid, also very economical. I try to avoid most machines though. Good bench, some safety racks, a power rack and 800 pounds of plates. Sometimes I use the leg attachment but mostly I just do a wider stance sumo style squat for glutes and hams and zercher squates for the thighs. Powertec seems to make decent equipment, I suspect that multi-station is as good as the rest of their stuff.