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Home Gym - Post a Picture


Hi! My gym is starting to have all the equipment I need, having some more equipment incoming. So what's your opinion?

Be sure to post a picture of your own gym too!


If you dont mind me asking, how much did all that run you?




I am jealous!


Almost finished with my 5 year project. Built a 24' X 48' building, with one side (24' X 28') a garage, and the other 24' X 20' being a gym. It has central heat and air, and the bathroom with shower is almost finished.


Try this again


The Forza bench, Ivanko plates, and monolift belong to a training partner. The powerrack with adjustable bench, lat pulldown machine, deadlift platform, and "American" plates are mine.


^^^ NICE !!!


Including the incoming equipment, the total cost is around 4000$.


Your gym is insane! Nice work, very clean, top quality material. How much did it cost?


Your gym is just beautiful to my eyes. Awesome setup.


Not bad. With good equipment, home gyms rack up money but its totally worth it at the end


My home gym pales in comparison to your guys.

I still don't even have a power rack. It annoys me no end.


What model is that 45 degree back raise? How does it support your weight? I would like to add one to my garage but all the heavier duty models are expensive($400+).




Bench and a 'bell.


The Rack.


The weights.


The squat rack, the silver weights, the adjustable bench, one of the Olympic bars, and the curl bar I got all together for $450 on Craig's List. Everything else; the flat bench, the rusty weights, the barbells and dumbbells, I got for free from my high school.


It did cost around 290$ and the brand is Abilica.
It feels very stable and can hold up to at least 150kg/330lbs.