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Home Gym Pointers

I am interested if anyone can point me in the right direction. I am putting a gym in my basement. I have just over 84 inches clearance. I am interested in a squat rack and a bench that inclines. Money is an issue but quality is just as important. I know.powertec makes a squat rack and its rated at 1000lbs. Any advice would be great. Also anyone know how to mount a heavy bag from a wood beam and not have the house shake from using the bag. My reccomended a second piece.that swivels. Thank you very much.

I purchased the Sick of Your Gym Pack from EFS. I’ve been very happy with it. All you gotta do is get some plywood and horse stall mats to build a platform and you’ll have everything you need.


Thank you very much. The complete set is out of my price range as of right now. But the squat rack will just fit. I am going to head back to the site and price the rack. Thanks again.

[quote]JJT wrote:
Thank you very much. The complete set is out of my price range as of right now. But the squat rack will just fit. I am going to head back to the site and price the rack. Thanks again. [/quote]

No problem man. If I were you I’d get the rack and a Texas power bar. Then start cruising Craig’s list and garage sales for plates. You could mount the rack directly to the floor and then buy some horse-stall mats for deadlifts, cleans, etc. (about 45-50 bucks from tractor supply in 4x6x.75). You could deal with just floor presses for a couple of weeks/months while you save up for a bench.

Google ‘jesup gym’… they sell some nice stuff for somewhat discounted prices. ‘Fitness factory’ is the manufacturer to most of the stuff jesup gym sells as well. It’s some good equipment.

My power rack, lat pulldown machine, bench, and roman chair are all from jesup gym (they’re all fitness factory’s body solid brand)

They get the job done without costing nearly as much as elite fitness stuff. And unless you’re a monster… I don’t see the equipment wearing out or anything. I’ve had my home gym for 3 years or so… I’ve had the rack the whole time and the only thing that I can see visible wear on is the safety pins. The paint has rubbed off and some surface rust has started forming… but I have a very humid basement that’s near impossible to keep water out of. lol

like JK29 said too… Craigslist is great if people in your area are selling. I haven’t had much luck on it myself… but maybe you would.

Thank you very much. I will check it out. I am no monster.but if I am squating 405 I want to trust the rack.will hold it. I also want to do deads from the pins and again feel safe with the rack. I.saw a rack at dick’s and it looked good until I saw a tag saying Max weight is 600lbs.

If you have just over 84 inches clearance, keep in mind that the standard Oly bar is 84" wide.

And if you’re that close to the walls, and planning on getting several hundred pounds on the bar- if you even touch the wall with the end of the bar, it will probably indent the sheetrock (since it will have several hundred pounds of force behind it.)

So maybe check specifically for a shorter Oly bar, or plan to put some thin plywood up over the walls where the bar might hit if you rock or sway while you’re walking out or in.

width is not a problem. Its just height. I just purchased a olympic bar, some plates and mats. I have been able to deadlift and do power cleans. but other than that I am limited. No overhead lifts because of the height. I need to purchase a bench next so I can do overhead presses. I prefer Push presses, but those will wait for days I can go to the gym. Thanks again for all the advice.

I built my home gym from craig’s list. power rack, lat pulldown, 3 olympic bars, adjustable bench, 715Lbs of weight, and a weight rack. total cost $700.

This is the rack I have. It will fit your space. Not the best by any standard but a 405 squat is no problem. The only issue I’ve had is that it’s not screwed into the floor so I put some 100lb dumbbells on the end to keep it from moving when I rack the bar.


The way I looked as it when I was putting money into my gym was that great equipment can last a life time… Or at least half a lifetime. I wouldn’t skimp too much on anything.