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Home Gym Pics

I’m attempting to put together a home gym later in the year, but the planning has already started. There have been several threads on home gyms with helpful info, but I was wondering if anybody would be willing to post pictures of their home gyms in the Photo forum. Any takers?

I’ll try.

I have a fairly extensive setup. I will try to get some pics up.

Would you settle for my blueprints or better yet post your floor layout and equipment you interested in and we can try to help you come up with a design.
Best of Luck.

Sorry, Older Lifter, I never saw your post (must have been taking a forum vacation when you posted). We’re looking for a house, so I don’t know what I’ll have to deal with. I guess I was also interested in finding out what kind of unique spaces and layouts people were using.

Anybody wanna share?

Check out www.promaximamfg.com. They sell some really heavy duty equipment and for those Westside fans they alos have Lifting Chains available in 25, 40 and 50 pound levels.
Best of Luck.

Wow – This is an old one. I will see if I can get my digital working. Having sdome zoom lens problems.