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Home Gym Owners


I was interested in what other home gym owners have in their basements/garages.

I'm just wondering what people have as essential pieces of equipment in their own gyms.

Right now I have a setup of a half power rack, low/high pulley, powerblocks up to 130, about 500lbs of weights, and a crappy GHR/reverse hyper from newyorkbarbells.com. I'm thinking about upgrading to a better GHR/Rev Hyp, but they're so damn expensive.


Power rack (with dip attachment)
Cheap bench (I need a new one)
Incline/decline bench (not fond of the height to use it as my sole bench)
A couple barbells
Assorted dumbbells
Concept 2 rower (the only cardio I halfway enjoy)

That should be everything. For now.

Needed: more weights and a Jamie Eason calendar.


power rack
adj. bench
roman chair
power tower (pull up dip pushup)
ab board that I dont use
concept 3 rower also
oly BB/DB's


Body Solid Power rack
Body Solid adj. bench
vert. leg press (for sale)
Body Solid Smith machine with Dip/Pec Deck/Lat pull down
Olypmic set x'2 (essential)
Preacher bench


Take a look at Natedawg's profile. I am jealous. He haas a pretty nice set up and it is explained on his blog.


Power Rack
600 pound York olympic weight set
Trap bar
flat bench, wood block for inclines
dipping bars
120 pound IronMaster dumbells
Schwinn Airdyne for cardio

I like it, fairly complete but would like to add a lat machine and hyper bench.


Read my blog, see my pics.


Lets see...

Rubber mats 1" thick.
Squat rack with two oly bars and cable system.
1600 lbs of iron oly weights.
210 kg rubber oly set with Pendaly bar. :slightly_smiling:
Pull-up and dip station.
5 dumbbell handles with about 400 lbs of standard plates.
Adjustable bench.

Most of this stuff came about second hand. The only thing that really cost me was the bumper set and mats. I'm about to make a Husafell stone and Farmer's walk handles.


Nothing much, just enough to get on with, namely:

Power Rack
Olympic Bar and weights
Adjustable dumbells (a compete pain to keep buggering around with)
Power rings for doing dips and whatnot - athough these do make dips about 1000 times more dangerous and tend to lead to nice sternum injuries.


Raised Power rack with monolift
texas power bar
maddog squat bar
safety squat bar
fat bar
shitty oly bars
just over 2000lbs of plates
dumbbells to 95
chest supported row
lat pull/adjustable low row
reverse hyper
glute ham bench
box squat boxes
160lbs chain
mini, monster minis, light, avg and strong bands
strongman log
a couple stones
pullup/dip station
super sexy tattooed bald guy

I think thats about it.


Squat rack
600 lbs olypic weights
300 lbs of dumbbells
several thick playground matts
Smith Machine:) I don�??t use how it is intended
Pull up/ dip rig


I have a crap load of stuff but for some reason I joined the local 4 in 1 fitness centre and go there almost every day...

I work from home so I think it's just my way of getting out of the house for a while, I also get to meet some good blokes and get a bit inspired from it too.

At home: full set of DB's from 2kg to 60kg
Olympic bar and weights,
standard bars and weights
Cable work station
pec deck
dip station
chin bar
Jump Strtech bands - light to heavy
Lat pulldowns
Heavy punching bag
Speed ball
Floor to ceiling ball
Row machine
etc etc...

And i pay for gym membership... WTF?


Adjustable bench with posts for squats.

315 lb. Olympic set.

Pullup bar.

Dipping belt.

Jump rope.

Wrist roller.


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Started with:
7' Standard bar
1 Set spin-lock dumbells
Squat rack
Crappy bench someone was throwing out
High strength standard bar with sharp knurling
Homemade bench that meets IPF measurements
Large and small bands
Blast Straps
Dip and leg raise station

The only other things I'd use are an olympic bar, some bumper plates and a safety squat bar. One day maybe!


I checked this thread just to make sure you mentioned this item. Every home gym should have one.


Be sure to get an oly bar while you are at it. If oly lifts are that important to you, it'll make a big difference.

It is nice to be able to ditch the bar on snatch, cleans, front squats, overhead squats, etc.


What a pussy set up. Your dumbbells only go to 95!!!

Just kidding, nice set up. But the heavy DB's are conspicuously missing.


cheap 9 kg bar
adjustable dumbbell handles
220 kg of plates
stairwell (for pullups hanging off the edge of a stair)
backpack (for weighted pullups)

I used to think I'd want a pullup bar, squat rack (or at least sawhorses) and a dip belt but now I don't. Not in the slightest. Maybe when I stop making progress.


Push, you can catch the bar at the upper thigh/groin area on the way down instead of just ditching it. still get the bumpers, but in the meantime...