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Home Gym Mirrors?


I'm in the market for a few large wall-mounted mirrors - maybe 4' X 6+' - for my home gym. I'm checking the area for glass shops and the usual places that carry mirrors, but if anyone has had success in buying these for their own place, any info would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Yeah, I've checked Lowe's (another warehouse chain) locally and I was thinking of something larger than what they carry, but I'll probably end up settling for multiple 'regular size' mirrors. Thanks.


who the hell needs mirrors?


Literally, Home Depot. I was disappointed with the mirror selection at Lowes. I found more of what I was looking for at Home Depot. I haven't bought them yet, but I was thinking of buying a couple 3x6' mirrors and mounting them to a thick piece of plywood with some strong glue.


Anyone who cares about their form?


lol, you got to be kidding, when you bench you can't see a mirror, when you squat you can't see if you're getting enough depth because sure as hell you don't want to have your neck turned while squatting, when deadlifting you need to focus on keeping your shoulder behind the bar, and you can't see that on a mirror, so maybe you're talking about curling and tricep kickbacks...


So, can I put you down for a "no" vote on the mirrors then?


no he'll take a dozen.


You might try looking into mylar sheets stretched onto wooden frames. They reflect well, are light, you can make any size, and they can be easily repaired.

Here's one site from googling "mylar mirror":
Of course, it would be much cheaper to buy the mylar and frame your own.


I have some mirrors in my gym at home. I find them invaluable for checking form, particularly in my squats. I have them on the wall so that when I am in my power rack, I face them. I face them when I power clean and snatch as well. Anyhow....

I obtained these mirrors from clothing stores. I was friends with a couple of managers of mall chain stores like Vanity, Footlocker, ect., and when they set up new displays, or remodel, I can usually talk them out of mirrors, or shelves, pegboard, whatever.

A couple of times I thought the anatomically correct manicans might make a great, inexpensive love dolls....but that's a whole new thread.


Good input - thanks for the ideas.


you could always mount one on the ceiling. it actually wouldn't surprise me if someone's alreay done it.


I have my workout room set up like the hall of mirrors in "Enter the Dragon". It's awesome. I can see myself from many different angles and gives me that narcissistic high that I'm looking for.



I got mine from Home Depots Mill works department. When they ship the Mirrored sliding closet doors, some get damaged. You can buy the good one. All you do is remove the frame. I bought mine for I think $10 each .Good Luck


Well, if you wnat mirrors in you're home gym, whatever. When I trained in a "gym" I thought the mirrors where invaluable for checking out the hottie on the leg curl machine without getting caught, but I'f I'm looking at myself in the mirror while lifting, I'm not putting all my effort into making the lift.


Well said.


I agree with bigmike.One of our old gyms back home found a clothing store that was going out of business and bought all of their mirrors when first opening the gym.