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Home Gym, Limited Equipment


So, like the title says, I have a home gym, I have limited equipment…enough to get quality work done of course. Deload this week and then I want to do the Beach Body Challenge. My only issue…and I know it’s not the end of the world…I have zero dumbbells. I understand changing anything is highly discouraged and I want to do the challenges by the books. BUT…acceptable substitute for DB rows? Sorry! I know these kind of questions aren’t Jim’s favorite but I just thought I’d throw it out there rather than just screw up the challenge.


Stick a barbell in a corner perpendicular to your bench and do arm arm landmine rows just like you would dumbells

or parallel to the bench

anyway you want. Just use the barbell and a single arm at a time


Thanks. That’s what I was thinking would work best! Appreciate it!


Could just get some medium and heavy bands and do a kind of seated cable row or just loads of pull aparts even

Wouldn’t really stress it, the main thing with that template is the heavy pressing, cleans and squats anyway


I have the same situation. I have done barbell rows, inverted rows, 45lb plate single arm rows and KB rows. You can get plenty strong without dumbbells.


BB rows, don’t give it a second thought