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Home Gym Lifting Platform Surface?

I’m building an 8x8 platform for a garage gym. If I don’t do any Olympic lifting, is there any real reason for for the top layer of plywood (between the rubber mats), vs simply laying 2 4x8 horse stall mats over the 2 layers of plywood?

wasn’t sure which section to post this in, so my apologies if it is a better fit somewhere else.

In my mind it seems like if I’m not doing Olympic lifts, the center plywood doesn’t serve much purpose.

You will be fine mate, I’ve got thick conveyor belt rubber on my concrete floors and have pulled and dropped heaps on it with no issues.

I just put down the stall mats directly on the concrete. No issues so far, but I’m also not lifting that heavy these days. With the plywood plus the stall mats, you’ll be fine without the top layer of plywood.

My gym is just rolls of mats. We deadlift and press from the floor on those.

Most of the gyms I have lifted at are as well. That’s what got me thinking. All the DIY plans have that finished, center strip of wood. Seems more versatile to have the top layer be completely stall mats.