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Home Gym in Metal Shed?

Hi guys

I want to buy a shed and put toghether a home gym but I dont know whether those metal sheds or the plastic sheds were strong enough?,does any1 have any experience with metal or plastic sheds?


strong enough for what? wouldn’t you only have to worry about the integrity of the floor?

[quote]HolyMacaroni wrote:
strong enough for what? wouldn’t you only have to worry about the integrity of the floor?[/quote]

Agreed. You aren’t going to be throwing the weights against the shed, correct?

You also might want to think about the weather, I don’t believe those types of sheds are very insulated. Working out in sub 30 degree weather or over 90 would be pretty brutal.

LOL - I had a gym set up in the garage once… once.

In the summer the heat was unbearable, and in the winter the barbell and pull up bar were so cold I had to wear winter gloves to bench and do pull ups, lol.

If you’re going to put it on a concrete pad I wouldn’t worry. It will crack for sure, but I would throw some of the spiffy non slip stuff they have in gyms anyway. Maybe a textured epoxy finish like in a garage.

thnx guys

In the winter, if possible, just stick a small elec space heater in there before you start lifting to take the edge off. Not sure what your climate is like but the varying temps might make you tougher which is always a good thing.

As mentioned, the major concern is the floor construction. If you can get it on concrete you’re golden. Also depends on how much weight you’re storing/lifting for a given spot. I used to work out in an elevated, wood floored barn built in the early 1900s. The trick was to brace the floor up underneath the bench and squat/DL area. Just be careful, Woulnd’t want to go through the floor with a bunch of weight on my back. Post up pics of the setup when it’s together.

^^^^^^^^ That is some Rocky 4 shit right there! Good for you.

Sheds… remind me of this:

I workout in my garage at the moment, and yeah, it gets cold in the winter, but it motivates me to train cause i don’t wanna be standing round when it’s freezing.
Also i’ve been thinking of putting up a metal shed to train in, so tell us how it goes.

thnx guys

I decided to go for a plastic shed , a but more expensive but u can control temperature better with a elct heather and a fan and it looks better as well
With the help of my m8s we already built a massive concrete base 8 inches deep for good measures!,lol, i got everything ready just waiting for the shed which is coming from france apparently, will post pics and let u guys know how it goes

thnx for all the advice

8 inches is deep, I was going to say at least six since most floor are only about 4. I lift in my basement and there is noe heat down there. It’s cold, real cold in the winter, and hot as hell in the summer, but I like it. It’s easier for me to deal with the temp changes than put up with the D-bags that populate all of the gyms in my area. I guess the real problem is that there aren’t any gyms, just “Fitness Centers”.

Those pads that fit together like puzzle pieces are great, they have saved a few cracks in my floor. Every few months you get to buy some new stuff with the money that you would have spent on a gym membership!