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Home Gym in Europe: Power Rack, Adjustable Bench?

I am putting together ideas for my home gym. I’ve read many topics here about this but the topics for Europe are a bit older.

Things I need:
Power rack
Adjustable bench

And I’ll make a deadlift platform somehow. This will set me up pretty good for most movements I usually perform

For weights, I can’t find used olympic weights, they’re all for smaller diameter barbells. I’ll keep looking but say I get them new it’s about 600 euros (delivery included) for 500 lbs (227kg) of weight. These are iron plates but bumpers wouldnt be that useful for me anyway.

For barbell, I’m sold on the Ohio power bar from Rogue, 450 euros delivered. I could also make an axle with plumbing pipe…

Now, the rack and the adjustable bench is where I need help. I’ve seen people recommending to go as cheap as possible and just chance it. And Rogue is just to expensive.

I am coming back from an “aggravated disc”, and the most I’ve squatted was 180kg, so as long as the rack can hold 220kg or something I’m good for a very long time. I think a power rack is necessary as my girlfriend works out with me, so with two barbells we can workout at the same time. Also great for pull ups. I’ve seen cheap ones starting from 350-400 euros but I know if you drop a bar with 100 kg on it it would dent the safeties (used it before).

Similarly for the bench, I’ve seen cheap ones wobbly as hell and it’s terrible. Any body got a good brand in mind shipping in Europe?

For dumbbells, I can see myself using a power block but still not sure. I was thinking about adjustable ones where you used olympic plates.

Any recommendations or experience please feel free to share.

Titan fitness is a great rogue knockoff alternative. They also have free shipping (but that might be US only).

Don’t get their barbell though. Thing is garbage.


Yes I have seen it, it looks pretty good, but it seems the free shipping is just for the US… I’m pretty sure about the barbell from rogue though

Capital sports does a cheap rack, not sure if I’ll go for that.

Also, 20 or 25kg plates, price per 5kg being the same ?

I live within driving range of the rogue HQ. You 100% will never regret buying from them (assuming the prices don’t scare you).

My buddy has a short rack from titan. Pay attention to accessory prices and whatnot but don’t overthink the rack. Once you bolt them down to the concrete you won’t notice a difference if you’re moving “regular guy” weights.

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Aside from DB rows I can’t stand using these. YMMV of course, but if power blocks are an option if suggest leaning that way.

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Titan fitness and fray fitness have great stuff at great prices.

I build my deadlift platform following the Art of Manliness guide and it turned out amazing (I used better quality wood than the article said to use)


Thanks for your answer guys!

@pfury The barbell is where I don’t mind paying money, for the rest a knock off will be alright

@mr.v3lv3t, good to hear, I can imagine them being a pain during pressing movements. If I can’t find dumbbells, I’ll probably go with that

@wanna_be, I just found that article today and thought it was great! Your setup looks ideal! For Titan and Fray fitness it’s unfortunately to the US only…

Hantel Hartmann’s got a few good deals, but I’m still looking for a bench

Have to agree on TItan rack the only negative I have found is the powder coating is not good. But the price makes up for it.
Haven’t seen any good reviews on any of their bars as of yet.


I assume you plan on benching in your rack?

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Correct, and I can OHP just outside.

Rogue’s got a flat bench for approx 250 which is alright but I might as well get an adjustable straight away to save space

I don’t know much about availability of equipment across the pond. I have a adjustable bench from York. It’s sturdy enough to handle my weight and a additional 365lbs plus inclined with no problem.
Only issue for benching it has a high profile for myself. Taller or longer legged person might not notice.
I have the rogue bench your probably mentioned

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Thanks, that’s true it’s something else to account for when choosing a bench. I’ll have a look at York Barbell, they seem to deliver to mainland Europe!

@wanna_be, out of interest, is your gym in a basement? Wondering where to install it… I could put it a floor up but not sure if the slab could hold up, even with a platform

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Yea. Half my basement is finished. I’d be worried about having it not on solid concrete but I have no real knowledge on it.

The other room has rowing machine, spin bike, TRX straps, and an elliptical. The leg ext/curl machine normally lives in there too to free up some space.

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Great set up! Thanks.

I see you don’t have dumbbells ? Not worth the space?

I found an offer for a DB rack with weights from 8 to 32kg l(10 pairs) for 1000 euros which seems VERY steep second hand, any thoughts? That’s 100 euros a pair…

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If I could afford it I’d have all rubber coated hex dumbbells, but it’s hard to come off the money when the adjustable work good. Only thing I dislike about them is you have to pay attention to how you place them on your legs when setting up to bench or something with them.

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Agreed it’s not the best for that, hence the powerblock could come in handy.

Thanks for your input, very appreciated.

If anybody’s got a good suggestion for iron plates, rack and bench in Europe please feel free to share!

I’d skip the power block and get old school adjustable dumbbells.

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They’re also easier to find second hand which is a plus