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Home Gym: GHR vs Reverse Hyper

I outfitted a home gym over the last several months with all the basics plus some . . would like to now buy a GHR or Reverse Hyper, which would you recommend? Main focus is strength with the idea of competing in one or more strongman comps next year. Also, who outside of Rogue makes a nice GHR or Reverse Hyper?

I have to decide between the two (I’m told) because we’re moving and I can’t spend any more money on my gym for awhile.

Thanks a lot!

Have you used a glute/ham and a reverse hyper before? Like are you familiar with both of them? People usually really love or really hate those moves, so be sure before you buy.

For equipment companies, you could try Legend Fitness, Titan, or Elite Fitness Systems or Sorinex.

I’ve seen a few pictures on the internet of a 2 in 1, reverse hyper/glute-ham combo. Definitely check that out.

A few companies make a Glute/Ham Developer Pad. It sits on the ground and if you can rig something up to hold your ankles you’re good to go for 1/3 the price of a glute ham.

I have a GHR and a reverse hyper for my home gym.

I use the reverse hyper at least once a week.

The GHR is in my basement, taking up space. Haven’t used it since 2013.

I would go reverse hyper.

I think it depends on your need. I don’t get anything from a Reverse Hyper, it doesn’t address my weak points. You may be the opposite. It really helps to know which one hits what you need.

I made my own GHR ‘machine’, which is ridiculously simple and is a take on the Nordic leg curl. I will try and post a pic later.

I put up an old shelf, about 12 inches from the ground, and inverted the mounting brackets, i.e. they are on top of the shelf to take pressure from underneath the shelf rather than on top of it. Using a pad for your knees, you then secure your heels under the shelf and crank out the reps. I also have an anchor point on the wall behind me for band-assisted work, which I need for this exercise. You can fanny around with a loaded BB and other stuff to secure your feet but this is simple and effective. It is also huge personal benefit because my lower back precludes me from doing all forms of deadlifting, and I believe this exercise can be classed as a posterior compound move.

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If this is your lost shot, make it count. Go for both in one machine so you can say I just bought one.


Or just invest in a Swiss ball, like John Rusin shown here:


Where’s the fun in that? :joy:

Yeah, I think you should be made to wear spandex if you want to do that one.

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Thanks for all the input.

I’ve used a GHR machine before and liked it and I’m also drawn to the versatility of one of those compared to a Reverse-Hyper.

I don’t have any low back issues so that would lean more towards a GHR as well, correct?

A reverse hyper isn’t only for those with back issues. You can just use it to get a really strong low back. I’m not sure how many moves you can do on a GHR but I assume it’s mostly GHR’s, back extensions, and situps. Obviously you can’t recreate those perfectly without the machine, but you can do versions of them - Nordic leg curls and regular situps come to mind. A reverse hyper seems to be harder to recreate. It’s tough to work those muscles in that way without it. My vote is for the RH.

@ChickenLittle - that thing looks pretty awesome.


for reverse hypers, could you not use an incline bench and band resistance to replicate the machine movement?

Just thinking out loud

You can. I’ve also seen dudes do them on GHR’s with a band.

See 7:45 in this video:

I personally just don’t think it compares.

I prefer to do Nordic Ham Curl instead of GHR. The excentric is WAY harder and it costs ZERO. The concentric part of the GHR, i’m personally not a huge fan for the hams to be the weakest in the heaviest position.

I can’t say for reverse hyper, never used one of them before. But i wouldn’t get a GHR for my own homegym (or get the hybrid posted earlier)

I have my GHR listed on Craigslist. I used it for 5 or 6 years and I could add weight or do more reps but it never seemed to help much of anything. I haven’t tried a reverse hyper.

At nearly all gyms I’ve gone to, the GHR gathers dust aside from the occasional back extensions.

My current gym has a reverse hyper, it is the only gym I have been to that has a reverse hyper. Like all other gyms, the GHR gathers dust but the reverse hyper doesn’t. It’s flat top means it gets a lot of use as a place where everyone puts their drink bottles and wraps on when not using them

Appreciate all the thoughts; after more research and you guys’ thoughts In really leaning towards the RH now . . looks like Titan Fitness makes a nice one, good price and good reviews

Do you have a price limit?

Nah, no hard limit

GHR gather dust at most gyms because people can’t do them.
That said, I wouldn’t spend money on either GHR or RH, especially from Titan.