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Home Gym for My Goal


i just bought powertech lat machine for my powertech cage
so now i have the powertech cage, bench ,lat tower , w barbell , leg extension and leg curl dips and chin up and the last i got is Gymnastic rings ,
i would like to know if it is enough for getting the best goal i can coz i have no chest crossover fly and bench press machine, no hack squat or leg press instead i can front squat, deadllift, stiff seadlidt, close leg ssuqat and etc. :S
what do u say guys ? do i got enough equipment for getting the top of my genetic ?


What are your overall goals? I would say if your a beginner the barbell and weights is enough. Once you start lifting alot you will figure out what you need or don't need and you can add stuff as you go.


Considering your a beginner you do not need a Cable Cross or Chest Machines. You need a Cage or Squat Stands, Bench and Barbell maybe a few adjustable DBs. That's it nothing else is required. You can have the fanciest machines in the world but, if your eating and training do not match your goal then you will go no where.

Secondly you didn't even mention what your goals are...

Answer Please


i just asked if all these equipment can get someone to his best genetic it is all ?
age :22
height : 1.70
weight : 67 kg
body fat: 9 (caliper)


my goal is to get big with low body fat
my weight 68 kg and my height is 1.70 i am not begginer i am 10 body fat (checked with caliper )
so the crossover and the leg press really so important that i willnot get max of my genetic ?


best genetic at what, just looking big and strong? or being strong RE read or read REEDS post above.


i dont care about strengh , only size and body fat .
i know i have to be strong for that but my goal is to get big with low body fat this equimpment good enough or not ?
will i have to get the crossover for getting the biggest chest that my genetic can get ?


Equipment is just a tool. I think your over thinking this way to much just start training.


Your equipment is good enough lol.


but i have seen alot that u have to do machine and free weight for max muscle ,
but i got only thr lat machine low and height cable , and leg extension and curl


Majoring in the minors buddy. Relax many Olympians have made the most amazing gains in the history of the world using nothing but a Squat Stand, Barbell, And few Boxes. Get your eating down and training correct what you have is plenty.

Lastly if you are not a beginner then why the hell are you posting a question on the beginners section? Just food for thought just because you are skinny and under 10% body fat does not mean your not stil a beginner. Plenty of high School kids with your exact measurements who have never even been in a gym.


No you fucking dont that is what we are telling you good god read please.


This. Also getting some bands would be a cheap investment that might have saved you some space/money. If the reason you bought the lat pull-down attachment was because you can't get enough reps in for pull-ups, use band assistance. You can also use bands for face-pulls and a variety of other stuff, as well as providing accommodating assistance/resistance to your big lifts. Not necessary, but extremely useful for their cost.

A low box is also fairly useful if we're taking cost and space into account. Not a must-have, but nice.


ok ty very much guys u helped me alot ty :slight_smile: wasnt sure i will be able to get the max with my home gym and its disturb me


Wait, do you guys mean to tell me you don't need every machine in existence in order to reach your genetic potential?


Just a bowflex and a shakeweight


i think at least u have to get leg extension leg curl




dunno man lol :smiley:
but all the bodybuilder do leg extension leg curl crossover leg press and etc,
i am sure they do these exersices coz there is any benefit dont u think?


OP, you have more than Reg Park had to train with. Shouldn't this tell you enough?