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Home Gym Flooring


i am building a home gym....what would be the cheapest yet functional gym flooring??? i will be building a seperate lifting platform apart.


I heard some people use horse stall mats. Supposedly, they are cheaper than the traditional 4x6 ones, but I'm not sure about durability. I use 3/4" 4x6's from a gym supplier. It cost about $55 per mat, but it's a one-time investment, unless you're doing something weird on them.


I've used regular 4'x 6'x 3/4" horse stall mats for my barn, trailer, and gym. Some of which are 10+ years old. They're a bit scuffed, but still just as sturdy and robust as the day I bought them. Plus mine are 100% non absorbent so cleaning them is just a matter of pulling them outside and hitting them with the pressure washer or water hose.


4x6x3/4" stall mats from the TSC. I bought mine for 35 bucks a piece on sale. That's $1.45 a square foot. Hard to beat. They're built to take the punishment of an animal that weighs more than most people will ever lift that stands on tiny feet that exert way more PSI than you ever will. It's deffinitly the way to go.


Oh the things that can be done on a rubber mat.


I ruined a mat once by getting too feckless on it. I'm going to look up what that word means sometime this week, honest.


My curiosity got me yesterday and you just used it perfectly, not an ounce of fecklessness in that vocab choice. What you were doing so fecklessly to the mat must have been pretty wild however.


I'm checking out flooring options for my home gym. Horse mats are pretty heavy so the shipping is a bit steep. We'll see.

HG, you must be fucking bored with life to post that drivel in a flooring thread.


I would bet you can find some nearby if you call up some tack shops. I live in the middle of nowhere and I still found some! But maybe they're easier to find in the middle of nowhere lol

I used them for my platform and I'm going to pick up some more for some jerk boxes.

They were really heavy and awkward to move.


Tack shops...good idea. We have a few of those around here.



If you're building a separate platform, to do DL's and stuff on, then the flooring doesn't need to be rubber matting. I just recently threw down some VCT tiling and then build a platform on top of it. Came out pretty well, I think. I just need to get some stuff up on the walls to help with the sound echo in there. VCT tiles are about $0.80 per sqft, and easy to install if you know what you're doing.


Ink, what size are those rubber mats? 4 x 6?



I bought a 4x6 and cut it into 3 2x4's. the "platform" part is 4x8, and the part where I've got my cage is a 4x4 square, with laminate flooring down the middle (4' wide)