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Fractionalplates.com (PDA) sells a really good set of dip bars. Its under the “rack mounts” heading and they call it “Boris”. I just got mine and I really like it. It fits on a rack pin and uses the second pin placed 6" below the first. They are great for parallel grip pull ups as well.

[quote]mikek wrote:
dont use the smith machine for anything other than hanging your towell.

I love this One!!!

[quote]mikeland wrote:
I love dips, but I don’t want to get another piece of equipment just to do them (although I think I may have to)…and bench dips are not my thing…
Thanks! [/quote]


I’m doing my dips between two woods chairs with big plates on them. So it’s multiangles as I want! I’m puting my hands on the back part. But you can build thyem with 2x4 and metal angles found at “Canadian Tire” or every good renovation place.

bonne chance!