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Home Gym: Equipment for Squats & Presses?


I'm starting Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength program soon. I'll almost exclusively be doing barbell exercises, so I figured I'd save the frustration of following stupid gym rules and the annoyance of little kids curling on my squat racks.

I'm somewhat limited in space -- My basement is only about 7.5ft high. I already have a chinning bar and I'm not sure an expensive power rack is necessary. I've looked at a few squat stands, but I don't know if they're ideal for bench presses. I'd appreciate any advice about good equipment to buy and a reputable place to buy them. Thanks.


I would advise to go ahead and get a power rack, they are very valuable and can literally save your life when training alone. I bought a reasonably priced rack from new york barbells (google it) about 5 years ago and it is still kicking after beating the shit out of it. If money is no option, check out elitefts.com.


You’ll find squats impossible without a decent rack of some sort. If I was in your position, i’d absolutely get a power rack. I’ve seen them online for about £250-ish. Like the man says, it’s better than crumpling under the bar and maybe dying. Unfortunately i live in aflat and they don’t even let us have a cat, let alone a power rack.