Home Gym Equipment Book

I recall way back about reading of a book which has instructions to build all types of your own home gym equipment. I now want this book. Problem being, I have been searching a while and haven’t found a thing. I think it used to be published by Ironman, if I recall correctly. I have gotten a little sick of working out at the “family fitness center” which is the only gym in town. It’s almost amazing how quickly your balls hide back into your torso when you try working out to Boyz To Men and the Backstreet Boys. When I am there I feel more like doing Lamontz (sp?) exercises than lifting weights. Anyway, I digress, does anybody know where I can find this book? Thanks.

The book I know is 'Ironman’s HOME GYM HANDBOOK (A Complete Guide To Training At Home) by Steve Holman.
Published by HOMEBODY PRODUCTIONS P.O. Box 2800, Ventura, CA 93002.
ISBN 0-9627834-0-4
I hope this is helpful.

Check out local deals on ebay before building your own stuff. You’ll be amazed what people sometimes let go at ridiculously low prices. Just don’t have it shipped, you will loose out on the shipping costs for weight equipment.

Jax, guess what. I know exactly what you are talking about and have a copy somewhere at home. It is not really a “book” but more of a pamphlet (8X10) of plans for building different pieces og gym equipment. Let me look around at home and make sure I can find it. If I can find it, I will reply again and would be happy to send you a copy.

Yes, ironman published one for metal and another for wood. Check out their website. I personnally would take measurements from gym or draft drawings from photos. Then build a model from 2x2s and make adjustment on that until it worked right. Then I would weld away.
Best of Luck.