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Home Gym Critique


I recently built a home gym so I could start working out at home where no one looks at me funny when I lift heavy things and sweat. Let me know what you all think.


speed bag


for everyone who wants a drag sled and doesn't want to pay a fortune for it, try this...PVC pipe may be stronger that you think.


another with weight




home made dip station


You have some great looking pieces! my only question is how wide is your dipping station? It looks like it's a bit to wide, this can cause some shoulder irratation if you are inclined toward problems in that area.


you're right, it is. I am still tweaking it a little...gotta head back to Home Depot


I love your sled! Nice job man.


That looks like a fairly 'hard core' gym. I Wish I had some of that equiptment at home.

That speed bag, along with a skipping rope will give you some excellent cardio.

I didn't see any dumbbells though, or an easy curl bar.

P.S. Continuous loop of Rocky 4 playing on a large screen in the corner might be something to think about for the future.


genius man...that sled is awesome:)


Nice looking gym... Your sled intrigues me to no end. How much weight have you loaded it up with?



I would be proud to train at your gym, the sled does look intriguing, though I have found that if you have a sled that has a flat bottom, it will add to the difficutly in dragging it because of the friction against the ground. Your sled is designed almost like a sleigh that has slick runners, so more weight must be added-of course this is just an observation/specualtion on my part.


thats funny... i made almost the same sled from PVC about a month ago. I used it once on concrete, for about half of the workout i had planned, and the bottom was rubbed almost in half due to friction. One of us will have to think of a modification!


I made a "Home Depot Dip" station also, about 20 or 22 inches wide.Only differance between yours and mine is the brace in the front.
Doesn't it get in the way on the descent?
And I made mine from 1" black piping.

I'm also looking @ throwing together other pieces of pipe to make more equipment, like loading pins & small cold roll metal rods to make D.B. hooks.(like powewrhooks) The rods are typically $2.38 here for 2 feet.I just need to get a hold of measurements of some originals an the time to fire up the torch an bend an shape the rods.

I also have a 3" thick barbell made from cold roll iron and tapered @ the ends to fit oly playes.5 foot an weighs about 70-75lbs. Got that from a local welding supply.


I would think that if you just added a metal sheet from Home Depot to the bottom with some screws it will work good get some diamond plated stuff that looks kool it is the toughest I know of.

Any suggestions are welcome I guess.


yeah, i thought about doing that. any idea how much that stuff costs, and do they cut it for you?


I've thrown a 45 plate on it with no problems yet. I usually run with it on grass so I haven't worn through any pipe yet.


Since that pic I have shortened the two brace bars with the one in the rear shorter than the one in the front so it tapers in from the front. As far as getting in the way of the descent, it is almost perfect because my ankles just barely touch the brace and the weight hangs in the center off the belt.


I put together the specs for the sled.

The sled is made of 1 in. PVC pipe.
The main body consists of 8 in. lengths. (10 pieces, legs and centers)
The center upright is 5 in. tall with two 3 in. lengths connecting it to the center supports.
The front up-slope is 6 in. lengths and the top bar has another two 8 in. lengths.
As you can see in the picture, all the connecting pieces are either 1 in. T or 45 degree angled connectors and the front is a 4-way connector for the chain.

12-8 in. lengths
2-3 in. lengths
2-6 in. lengths
1-5 in. lengths
2-end caps for the rear pieces
PVC glue (this stuff dries REALLY fast so only do one piece at a time)

The chain on mine is ten feet but that is totally personal preference.

$20 dollars in materials

I use it on grass, like I said the glue is really strong and it has held up so far.