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Home Gym Cost?

[quote]Mister T. wrote:
I have a question for anyone who has a home gym. Do you find your training to be more or less productive (or no change at all)?

I ask because personally, I LOVE going to the gym. It’s a different atmosphere, and I find it easier to get myself physically and mentally away from everything else. Not to mention, I have a lot of friends there who I can say DEFINITELY help with my progression.[/quote]

There are times I miss the going to gym and the atmosphere of a lot of people lifting heavy. But for the most part, my laziness and never wanting to leave the house trumps that feeling.

And my training has been more productive since I built the home gym.

For the OP:

My rack was $350 and I’ve probably spent around $400 on plates dumbbells. The only other semi-costly thing I bought was a log for $200. Everything else has pretty much been negligible in price. My total cost is still under $1500.

I havent made my mind up yet, but I have a buddy who welds. He can get me the steal and make me a power rack to my specs for $100. Then I just have to buy the weights.

I most offten WO by myself anyway. Just plugged into my music. So I dont think wo at home would be bad. Just the time it takes to collect the gear and the pace it would take up in my garage.