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Home Gym Calf Routine?


Hey guys

I currently work out at home, and find it hard to work my calves. I have a squat rack, a bench, dumbells and barbells. Any reccomendations?

thanks for the help


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Barbell calf raise, one-leg db calf raise on plates, the less-gay donkey calf raise(if you have a belt) and barbell calf jumps.


How do you load the calf jumps?

Oh and my current calf is as follows (done after legs):

A1)Seated calf raises(plates on knees) 3 X 15-20
A2)Barbell standing raises 3 X 6-8


Seconding donkey calf raises, with a dipping belt. Best to do the reps in the doggcrapp style.


What's the doggcrapp rep scheme?


load the bar with 25% of your bodyweight and bounce on your calfs, got it from best of calves http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/best_of_calves


try it with a barbell on your knees. This may put alot of pressure on your thighs, but what I do is put on knee sleeves (dont know what they're called) and pull them up all the way on my thighs. I then place a 2 1/2 pound plate underneath the sleeve, to keep the plate from falling or shifting. Then pick up a barbell and let it rest on your thighs. The whole point of the plates is to redistribute the weight of the bar so its not putting direct pressure on your thighs. I can rest a good 300 pounds on my lap without much discomfort.

Hopefully I explained it well enough.


Oh and, if you want, there's a good home based workout by Chris Colucci. Its called "Building Fat Guy Calves" found on this site.


Ok thanks, i'll have a look. What i generally do is get a towel or two, and do the seated raises one leg a time. The towels take most of the pressure off my knee, and make them a bit easier to do.

The calf jumping routine sounds good, ill throw it in to my next program


Heres a great mod to the standing barbell calf raises that i recently found and im addicted to,

you have your feet standing straight out, but also do toes pointign outward and toes pointing inward, really kills your calves.

Normal-10 slow reps followed by 15 fast reps
In-same as ^
Out-Same as ^^

I do the slow reps with the bar and the fast reps without the bar standing on a plate.