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Home Gym Cable Station


Obviously, I haven’t had it for long, but it seems to be built pretty good to me. Everything feels solid and using it is really easy. I haven’t had any issues with the plates swinging, but I haven’t really loaded it up either.


That’s perfect! That’s a nice space saver and does everything I’d need it to do. I guess if I completely scrap squatting then all I need is my platform for deadlifts and power cleans. Here’s my setup for now. Sadly, I still go to the gym most of the time for the running track, basketball, and now their new Assault Air Runner treadmill.


I wouldn’t mind grabbing one of these eventually.


That bad ass! Yeah unfortunately heavy squats and dead’s are out for me. I’ve got the not fun combo of unrepaired inguinal hernia, 4 herniated disks, and scoliosis. I stick to machines for legs nowadays. Here’s the rest of my setup. It’s compact but has what I need. Only go to the gym if I’m wanting to go super heavy. Some adjustable dumbbells that go up to 90 are on my wish list. I only buy used equipment though and they don’t come up that often.


I’ve gotten all of my equipment off of Facebook marketplace. Steals come up pretty frequently. I set my distance to 100 miles from where I live and check in most mornings. Got the cable machine for $800, leg press/hack squat $250, recumbent bike $60, dumbbells and bench $250. The dip station is the only thing I bought new. Thinking of changing it out for a hamstring curl/leg extension machine. Haven’t found the right one yet though.


Your gym looks like a hotel gym! I bought my adjustable dumbbells from Wal Mart. They go up to 100 lbs each and were $200. I’ve looked around and it’s tough to beat $1/pound no matter what you buy.

I’ve never shopped on Facebook but it looks like it’s time to start. It’s funny when you said “steal” I immediately thought of the degenerates around here who steal and sell it on Marketplace.

Really, dude? You just happen to have 20 DeWalt cordless drills??? That doesn’t look suspicious at all.


Haha! I’m a designer and visual artist so it’s hard to only focus on functionality. The final touch is going to be a JKLFIT logo to go over the hack squat. I have the logo done and want to get a buddy to cut it out of metal or maybe a slab of black walnut with his CNC machine. For now I’ll settle for the sticker on my coffee cup


:drooling_face: That is one beautiful gym you have there!


If your ceilings are low, then these are hard to setup and get full ROM out of.


Thanks man! Has been super fun to put together. Best part is I don’t have to wear shoes or a shirt if I don’t want to!


The ceilings are 86” at the highest point (aside from a few areas around the borders with plumbing coming a little lower). Most setups I’ve been looking at seem to be 83”, but I haven’t decided yet which one I’ll pull the trigger on… so many other new-house stuff taking priority.

Definitely glad I asked in here opinions though, some machines I had never heard of.