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Home Gym - Cable Pulley System


Sup all, for any of you that have home gyms and have a pulley system i would like advice.

We're currently building a shed to use as a home gym, we have finished concreteing the floor. Now we're thinking of building the walls out of blocks. I would like to know if there's any preparation i should do before hand incase i need to start constructing the system before making the shed.

I would just like the pulley system to open a lot more options, such as face pulls, seated rows, cable flys - never done db flys before, woodchops, etc, etc.

So im guessin for this id need a high pulley and low pulley? What materials would i be best buying, to handle the weight, and to be sturdy and smooth. What type of store would i need to go to to get the materials? I hear mountaineering equipment isn't too good.

Im pretty clueless so any suggestions are to be welcomed!

The roof is made from plywood sheets as it expands over quite a large area so therefore the roof isn't strong, any suggestions here would be great, as i can't do pull ups as the roof couldn't take my weight, so id need to find a different place to do pulls/chins. I think i have just abut enough room for overhead pressing if need be.

Thanks and sorry if it's in the wrong section!


pulley system = matience you will have to make sure to use silicon spray for smooth operation. If you lift heavy and hardcore you will snap the cable.


Depends on the cable type? Im sure there's a good amount of home gym users that have effective pulley cables set up to do just a few of the exercises named above.


Resistance bands.

Or just buy a ready made one, York barbells are apparently alright.

If you are in the UK gymratz.co.uk is worth looking at


I just got a heavy duty climbing pulley, some high strength cable and a few caribiners.

I attach the pulley to my power rack and an adjustable db to one end of cable and a thick rope to grip on the other end.

It all cost about £25 exc db and rack.


You can purchase stand-alone pull-up bars.. not sure if they're good or not.. maybe somebody else can chime in here.


I know of some people using cables and pulleys attached to door mounted pull up bars to do moves like tri pushdowns and lat pulldowns, but i was looking for more advanced stuff like seated rows, cable flys, woodchops, pullthroughs etc.

Is it possible?

Thanks for the help, i don't have a power rack, but i have a squat rack with spotter catchers and dip bars, although it's not the same as a standard p rack, it does work for what it's for.


This is the one thing that stops me from building a home gym

I want a pulley system but dont know how Id build one

A friend has already built a sqaut rack and half cage for me...


Ebay currently do a lat pull down macine/low pull machine etc for 60 quid + delivery ('topdeal')

I can't comment as to the quality of the product, though, it comes with a two yeat warranty + it has a 200kg weight capacity. Could be worth a look.

I myself have a 'Kelton 'lat pull down system which I've secured over the top off my power rack with two very, very thick pieces of wood. Unfortunately they no longer seem to sell these anymore through ebay (Polish based company).

I'd say it really just depends how much space & money you have to play with really.

A power rack with an lat pull down machine built in would probably be ideal.....though, expensive overall.


Thanks for the replies, GorrilaMon - i will have a look on ebay thanks.

I have a lat pulldown attachment to an old weight bench, but it's fair to say it isn't really good at all, it makes the bench come off the floor and isn't much use to me.

I don't mind investing in materials, but im sure it's not very costy at all for a pulley system? I will keep looking online if anyone has any links or resources worth looking at.


Anyone have any more tips, id need both a high and low pulley right?


Cybex functional trainer, not as big and a bit cheaper apparently.


Just did a search and they came up to £7000, a lot more expensive than some DIY stuff.




I saw a couple of no-brand cable systems on UK ebay going for about £350. No idea what the quality is like, but it might be easier to beef up a ready-made system than build one from scratch.


That seems pretty expensive still, i thought they would be more popular, but i can't find much on the net. Although what Ive been told about them is there easy to install and cost efficient?

But id need 2 low pulleys for bi-lateral exercises?