Home Gym - Best Investment You Can Make

G’Day Mates

First post on here,

As a long time reader of T-Nation, I thought I’d join the forums to bring up the Australian contingent. Who else is from Australia on here ?

Regardless I thought I’d throw up a few photographs of my home gym for discussion. I’m still waiting on my power rack and adjustable bench which will be delivered in the next fortnight. I’ll keep you guys posted !

Who else on here has a home gym ?

It is possibly the best investment I have made in a long time … to not have to deal with ravenous pencil neck PT’s and “Fergie” during a workout is a real bonus.

Also thought I’d attach a picture of myself upfront, so that no one accuses me of being a keyboard warrior hahaha (of which there are many on the site). Photos are from 2002/2006 and the crab shot from 2008.

Feel free to review my website too at www.fitlab.com.au and tell me what you think !

Look foward to hearing from you all


First Day - Painting

Second Day - Still Painting & Tiles Arrive

Day 3 - Painting Finished - Tiles are Down / Prowlers & Farmers Walk Handles

Sweeeet…Wish I could build my own gym. Sounds like you’re setting up all that you need. Looking pretty damn big in your avatar. We have a few from down under on here also.

Day 5 - Equipment Arrives

Day 5 - Another View

The Big 5-0

02,06,08 …

Wow craaaaaaaaazy transformation. Have my utmost respect. GOOD JOB.

When you are serious about your training, your own home gym can be a great investment.
There will be nothing like your first full workout in there.
All the best.


The gym obviously looks nice, but you’re looking jacked yourself.

Good job so far, keep up the good work.

You’re really decking this puppy out. Very stoked on not only of your sick setup but of your inspiring transformation as well. Congrats.

Good to see other Aussies on here. That’s a serious home gym you’re developing there, nice work. Where abouts are you from, I’m up in the Top End in sunny Darwin…

I’m based in Brisbane.

Gym’s looking sweet, but more importantly great job on building yourself up the last few years mate.

From Melbourne myself and have moved to training out of my garage the last couple of years. Nothing as swish as yours - just a bench, squat rack, bars, plates.

Where’d you score the prowler from?

baller dude.

lookin swole.

now all you need is a sound system, some mirrors, and a bean bag chair

I am a aussie as well im from melbourne theres a few on here. Unreal gym I’ve been thinking about getting a home gym myself. I wouldn’t need those big 50kgs i would crush myself lol.

How much in aussie dollars have you spent so far and did you buy the stuff online? I know there a gym in melbourne always selling there 2nd hand stuff

Fuck thats a good set up and crazy transformation.

Thanks brothers … haha

Justrob - I got my prowlers custom built by Rock Solid Fitness Equipment in NSW. Awesome gear in a market flooded with cheap chinese equipment of low quality build, my heavy duty squat rack and adj bench is coming from them also.

Holy Mac - I have a small Altec Lansing Moondance GLOW Ipod dock that I bought through Ebay so the music issue has been recently settled. I have a 6ft beanbag chair upstairs in my home … mirrors would be a good addition.

Lurking - I have probably spent about $10000AUD on it, you pay a premium for good gear but its worth it. I have my own fitness business so I depreciate at the normal rate all that I buy as I use the gym above to train clients.