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Home Gym - Advice on Buying a Bench in the UK

Hey guys,

I’ve had a good search on the site and can’t find any forum post’s on buying a decent bench.

I’ve recently moved and have decided to turn my garage into a home gym. I’ve got lots of weights and bars, dumbells etc. The only thing I really need is a good solid bench. I have an old york bench that I got when I was 12 but its not really up to much now.

Has anyone got any advice, good brands or things to look out for? My budget is £250 and i’d ideally like something that I can adjust for incline presses.

Also i’m looking into getting some rubber/foam flooring for my set-up too. Any advice on that or the home gym at all is really appreciated.


I used to have foam interlock flooring in my garage gym. I recently replaced it with big heavy rubber mats - actually I put the rubber over the top of the foam. I’m very pleased with the result: but it must be said that solid rubber mats are not cheap. Putting the car in the garage tended to crush the foam at the points where the wheels stood: the rubber is much more durable. If you’re not putting the car in the garage, it’s a bit simpler!

PM me if you want to know who I bought them from - the Mods here don’t like links to other websites being posted on the forum.

Thanks Doc_man, I’m starting to think rubber flooring’s the way to go. I was considering getting some foam Reebok interlocking floor tiles but I think they might be more aimed at yoga enthusiasts than people wanting to deadlift as much as possible.

Anyone have any suggestions on benches? I was considering getting the Vulcan racks from ironmind but it’s alot more £££s that I thought. I know they make pretty solid gear though.