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Sorry, this may be in the totally wrong place, but I dont think it’s quite “off topic” worthy. Move it if you need to!

Specifically, I’m about to buy some chains. They seem like the better alternative to bands simply due to my lack of heavy dumbbells and a concrete floor, leaving little to strap them to.

Couple of quick questions:

Is there a specific material I should look for? And more importantly, budget friendly. I dont have a lot to play with, so it needs to be affordable.

What length is ideal? I’d like to be able to use it on squats, which pretty much covers all my bases. Does it just need to touch the floor? Logically that makes sense, but I may be missing something.

Second… a weight tree? My walls are tired of holding leaning plates, and my fingers are tired of scraping them off the floor lol… so what are some cheap, or even homemade options for this?



The specifics don’t matter. If you have light chains you need more of them but you can be more flexible. Heavy chains are less hassle but less flexible.

If they are long, you can loop them and if short use tie downs to extend them (as long as they’re not really short).

Assuming we’re not talking thick anchor chain or like really small chain lol

I’d look for second hand and galvanized or better (hate rusty chain)

The cheapest weight trees are just a thick post with flanges bolted on and pipes screwed on with a base. Or you can source 90mmx3mm square tube, a base plate and pipes and take it to a welder.

Really, the wall is ideal.


Great information on the chains, thanks!

As for the tree, I was afraid so. My garage leaks pretty fierce and I dont like leaving weights on the ground to get rusted up, however, after a grueling workout, I dont exactly feel like setting them on the nearest platform, provided there is even enough space.

I guess I could see if there was any way I could have someone weld some pipe on my rack or something. Idk. I’ll have to toy around with the idea.


A nice chain configuration is one longer chain for each side and shorter chunks that can be bundled or clipped on at different points.

So 2 longer ones, a bunch of shorter ones, and a bunch of cheap carabineer clips.


SkyzykS: that’s vacuously brilliant! I’ll definitely take that route

Update: found a decent tree on ebay for $40, so snagged that. Just found about $200 of Olympic weights on craigslist for $60, hopefully I’ll have that this weekend. (My poor wallet) But I should be covered in the weight department for quite some time. (Really I just snagged the weights for the 45s because that’s still a steal)

Now, as far as my last investment, I want a new barbell. And not someone else’s rusty used one. I bent mine right at the collar, so I’m extremely cautious of it. I figure if there is one thing I’m really going to sink money into, that should be it.

SO: what is the best bang for your buck? I’d like something… probably no more than $150. It’ll be used mainly for squats and bench. I’ll keep the shitty bar for deadlifts. I want something that’s quality, but won’t require a loan. Advice?


Also, tell me if I’m completely out of my mind at that price range, Thats fine.


Hah! I low balled a guy on marketplace the other day and scored 505lbs for $150!

GV used to be on the O35 forum. He got a new bar from NewYork barbell. You can google it. He said they were good bars for the price.


You can pick up a York for 150 bucks but I’d personally spend an extra 125 bucks and get the Rogue power bar. It’s a clone of the Eleiko. You can pick up the bare steel one for 250 but you gotta be prepared to put extra maintenance work into it.