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Easy questino here folks. I was wondering if anyone had some leads as to where I can find a good free weight rack system for home use. I live near Chicago so I have reasonable accesibility to a lot of different vendors. I’m looking for something that can allow me to do pretty much everything. Bonuses would be a precher curl, lat pull/low row, dip. Must haves are an incline/flat bench, NO smith press, and preferrably include at least 300 lbs barbell set. Any ideas?


Pro Industries (317) 736-4414 south of Indy makes excellent heavy duty equipment and might make what you need. Well worth the money. Their combination machines, lat pull/low row and leg ext/leg curl work just as well as single function machines. I have both. Also, LifeFitness has a line called Parabody that makes moderately priced and fairly rugged rack systems. You can find this line at FactoryFitness, which I believe is located in Chicago as well as Indy.

Look up Chicago Home Fitness in the Yellow Pages. They have the real stuff that you will need.

You need to check out a local classified ad magazine. Usually they cost a couple of bucks and have mostly private ads from people looking to sell just about anything. I picked up an awesome home gym for 500 bucks plus 125 for a van rental. Power rack, lat tower, leg ext, Roman chair, Olympic barbell and 400+ lbs of weights. Not bad, huh?

I am very happy with my stuff from nybarbell sp

New York Barbell. I have an old version of the C92561 and I love it. Go to newyorkbarbells.com . They have literally everything you could want.