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Home Equipment- Opinions


Looking to get a decent home gym. I would join a local gym again, but to be honest I find it more difficult to make my way to the gym than just working out in my house. I am trying to put together a home gym at reasonable pricing.

Could anyone offer some opinions as to the following......




I was going to match this up with a 300 lb weight set. Is this going to be too limiting for a beginner? Is this a decent brand? Is the price fair? ( seems too inexpensive to me actually )

Any opinions, suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


If these are your options, go with the second one along with the 300lbs weight set.

as for price, fitness equipment is basically double the price here in Canada so I can't say if it's a deal or not. Check out some fitness specialty stores in your area to compare price.

Good luck


No and no.

Start out with a simple but sturdy bench that you can put into incline position. Add a barbell and some plates and a few dumbbells.

This should be your basis, and you can expand from there.


I've never been a fan of Pro-Form equipment. I think it's sub-standard, and really you rarely even get what you pay for. Most of their equipment is made for housewives who will only use it once a year. It just doesn't stand up to regular use. I've never used the specific equipment you linked form them, my opinion is based on the company as a whole.

Weider equipment is ok, but you're right about their price point. I would expect price to follow quality. If you are really concerned about quality, look for a decent sporting goods store instead of Sears. Sears tends to sell only those manufacturers that can meet their specific volume and pricing restrictions, and they let the quality slide as a result. Again, just a generalization, but one that is based on my personal history.

I would suggest you just pick up a decent 300lb weight set and a decent- no frills bench that is sturdy and well made. I also suggest getting a squat rack, if you can find room for it in your house. Once you have all the equipment picked out- add up the price and divide by the price-per-month of your local gym. That way you'll know how many months you go could go to the gym for the same cost. When I did this I came up with over two years... It was a no-brainer at that point and I still go to my gym.


I'm gonna second the idea of just getting a simple weight-bench. I've got a cheap-ass-one that came with a bunch of attachments, i.e. leg-extention/curl, preacher-bench, etc. All of which I've stopped using and detached from the bench.

The one thing I might look for is a bench with adjustable uprights that you could use as a squat-rack.

All you really need is a bench, a bar, some weights, and ideally, a chin-up bar. Those are the things I'd invest in at this point. You don't need a fancy-ass bench.


Neither one.

Where are you located?

Instead how about looking into a power rack, especially if you workout alone.

Try this link,


Also, if you can swing it I would get 2 300 lb sets.


I've got a pretty well stocked home gym with like $6000 worth of equipment, but honestly you don't need all that. Here's what I consider the essential minimum:

Power Rack with a weight stack & chin/dip bars
Olympic barbell w/300lbs weights (more 45's if you're strong)
Adjustable bench

That's it. Lots of other things are cool, but mostly not necessary.


I'm gonna have to agree, get yourself a squat rack. Weider and pro-form just don't make quality equipment that can withstand serious use. If you look up the weight limits for there benches most won't hold more than 300lbs.


I echo this post.


Is Newyorkbarbells.com reliable? This stuff looks well built. I have a budy that is trying to sell his parafitness system. He paid $1200.00 for a squat rack, bench, curl attachment, and leg attachment. He says it is built extremely well... asking $750.00 wihtout any weight.

NewYorkBarbell.com??? Any experience with these guys? I live in OHIO... that power rack with a 200lb stack is only $400.00 plus freight. That seems like a really good deal.

Thanks for all the info!


Not built to last a lifetime, he specified inexpensive. Still head and shoulders above the links he provided.

If you can swing it that $750 rack sounds like a good deal.


I agree as well, its what ive got and its all that is really needed.
throw in some powerblock adjustable dumbells an extra bar and your set


Guys, how do you rate this one?


Its somewhat similar to what the OP was looking at. I know the online price is closer to $600, but I just bought one, brand new, for $250. Hopefully you can find it for a similar price (I picked it up from a local PlayItAgainSports store).

The bench is rated to >600lbs, and the rack can hold 900lbs. So, its not as lightweight as the 300lbs setups.

Now I have to spend the weekend putting it together. Damn - I hate doing that stuff.


I've got a NYB GHR bench. It works, but I definitely got what I paid for. They are cheap, and a rack is hard to screw up, but don't expect much quality. I've got a body solid rack that I like though, and it was pretty cheap.


What are your goals? How long have you been lifting?

If starting out, I would go bodyweight movements for a month or two, just to make sure you stick with it.

I think your average person would do great with an adjustable bench and lots of dumbells to start out. Lot's of exercises could be done with this.

After that, get a power rack and barbells, weights, etc. You should be set for quite awhile that way.


Holy resurrected thread, Batman. It's been six months since the first post, man. I'm pretty sure the guy decided on a rack by now.