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Home Entertainment System

I’m looking for a good mix of affordability and badassedness (is that a word?). I was thinking about getting a 45" HDTV and a decent stereo system (5-CD changer, decent speakers, etc.). Also looking at getting TiVo and satellite (got AT&T Cable at the moment, and it sucks!). Anyway, I’ve been doing some research, but I was curious as to what y’all have and/or suggest. Is HDTV worth it? Any particular brands you recommend? Any additional equipment I should look at getting?

Try Krix speakers. Great value for money.

I have a Sony Vega Trinitron (only 36", wimpy I know) with a Denon receiver and Celestion surround system - LOVE IT!!

I had the HDTV Sony makes (forgot the model # thing) for about two weeks and with digital cable, the picture actually sucked. The picture on my bedroom’s 20 year old Zenith with analog cable was better. Anyway, something about the scanning lines and digital cable didn’t mix well. The district manager of the place I bought it told me that the picture would not be any better with a dish or anything else until broadcasts were designed in HD, which according to him were a good 5+ years away. I couldn’t see paying the extra thousands to have an HDTV if it’s going to look like shit fof 5+ years. So I just downgraded to the Vega.

I sampled the various surround systems and came to the conclusion that despite the hype, Bose sucks ASS! There are a million reasons why so I’ll not go into it. The Denon/Celestion set up was one of the best sounding and incidentally, very affordable.

As far as additional equipment, the only thing I’d recommend is adding a DVD+RW/R with CD-RW drive to your computer. This will let you convert your VHS to DVD (makes those boxes of home movies stuffed under your bed into space saving, interactive DVDs). God I can’t wait to get my new 'puter!

RCA has a 5.1 Reciever with (5) 100 watt speakers, best part 200 watt sub woofer. Very nice price, they have a cheaper version with 100W Sub, boring! It is an RCA but it kicks ass, just ask my neighbors. But looking at your picks, i would say you are not hurting for money so buy a reciever with 6.1! It is awsome for scary movies!

I have 32" JVC TV, awsome pic but not HDTV, i was told to wait a year before making the purchase, not many station operate in HD, yet. Prices will also drop, hopefully.

My DVD/CD player is my X-Box.

I have AT&T digital cable and an 80 hour Replay TV and I like it. The digital cable box absolutely blows, but it is functional. The Replay I’ve really been enjoying, my research showed it as the winner over Tivo.

Check out NAD…excellent components, no frills that you don’t need, and a terrific value. Check out this player…


(if the link doesn't come through, go to saturdayaudio.com, click on the deals page. it's the NAD dvd player at the top of the page.)

also, I don't know what your budget is, but if you're looking for a pair of smaller, more inexpensive speakers, you can't go wrong with Sound Dynamics RTS-3...for $200, they blow anything else in that price range away. I have them in my office and love them.

In terms of sound, Bose is the only way to go. My brother has a setup on his dish with surround, a sub, and about 8 cubes encircling the viewing area. Can you say WOW? When you watch Rudy or Saving Private Ryan, you’re there dude. Dodging tackles and bullets respectively. But, much like Biotest, it’s pricy yet you do pay for quality. And it’s worth it.

Although everyone has got there own bias, I love my system to pieces. I have a Marantz receiver and CD player and Paradigm speakers. Paradigm makes great, GREAT quality speakers with GREAT bang for the buck. Listen to them next to a lot of brands that cost much more and you’ll be really surprised.

Definatley BOSE speakers in my opinion it’s the most bang for your buck. I had HDTV for 3 months and it sucks! Nothin special. but ahhhh,…the dish! i’ve got the sunday ticket if your into football, it’s the best thing since tuna…

An idea I’ve read about is to set up your whole entertainment system to a network in your house. Then Download, or rip your dvd’s to the network so you can watch any movie with the click of a button.

I have been building an affordable HT for a few years now. I have a sony vega 36 inch and am looking to leap to a high definition projector when the time comes(few years away). My best purchase was onkyo reciver with 5.1 sound. I looked at bose but was not impressed for the price. I went middle of the road with my speaker package. I bought a sub and satelite system similiar to bose but cheaper and with better bass. Polk audio offers good sub sat systems that utilize wonderful subwoofers. Polk always has some deal going so I was able to get the receiver and speakers including the 12 inch sub for $1300. I then bought a dvd player with dts and dolby digital. I have 400 disk jukebox cd player that I enjoy. Lastly, I bought a direct tv setup with TIVO. The directtv setup included the potential for dolby digital 5.1 sound and the picture is great but the best part is TIVO. After buying it you will never watch tv the same way again. I highly recommend getting a good HT system and especially buying Tivo!
Off my soapbox.

Skip Bose - no highs, shitty bass. I’m partial to my NAD/Snell setup, but Snell is not what they used to be since Boston Acoustics bought them a while back. I’d suggest checking out Paradigm, PSB, or NHT speakers (big bang-for-buck), along with Denon, Rotel, Arcam, NAD etc amps. Dunno about the TV - I don’t watch mine much, which is just an old 22" Samsung.

Or you could go really exotic and pick up a pair of Magnepans or the like :slight_smile: Check the local classifieds too - high end stereo gear depreciates at a crazy rate.