Home Electro Stim and Ultrasound

I’ve noticed from interviews that a lot of the top powerlifters claim to get this done regularly. Anyone have any personal experience with it, for prehab / recovery purposes, particularly at home? Units aren’t really too expensive, so I’m toying with the idea.

I had an a/c joint injury last winter, and part of my rehab was doing stretches w/ electro stim pads on my traps and shoulders at the chiro office.

I probably would have healed w/o it, but I would say it helped a bit.

My chiro did try to get me to buy one but I said no. In hindsight, I wouldn’t mind having it and I would probably use it quite often.


Having used them clinically for around 15 years, don’t waste your money. Evidence is very scant and unreliable for US, and E-stim is used primarily to decrease pain, but is not as effective as tylenol or ibuprofen; decrease swelling, but not as effective as active movement; and is pretty useless for muscle re-ed and strength in a health person.

thanks danjo, that’s the sort of opinion i was looking for, especially since nobody really seems to have benefited at home.