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Home conversion of psuedo to ephedrine

I know this is a long shot but does anyone know a home cooking recipe to convert psuedoephedrine to pure ephedrine or a website or book etc so I can do it. I have access to a lab with limited equipment and reagents any advice appreciated

That is a bad idea. I’m not sure what state you live in, I’m assuming your in the US, but doing the kitchen chemistry is not the way to go. I’d suggest buying a supplement with ephedra in it.

If you want to read up about some stuff in regards to chemisty an what not for psuedoephedrine and ephedrine, I’d suggest this site to start with:


If you search around in there they should have some basic informaton. Make sure to look under ampehetamine ( sp ck ).

The main problem with kitchen chemisty is that a lot of the notes or recipes your going to find on the net are wrong. It would be a lot safer, and cheaper if you either drove to a state that sells ephedrine and buy in bulk, or order online a supplement with ephedra, such as MD6, Ripped Fuel, etc.

  • Gerald

topkat I dont know but if you do find out could please post it because I would be very interested also.

Dear Gerald thanks for responding I live in Australia ephedrine is banned unless you get a doctors prescription which is only given if your obese!
Plenty of psueodo around though so I’ve got no choice

TK I’m in Melbourne. Me and my wife both get ephedrine on prescription from GPs. Just try a few different ones. We just say that we’re sick (flu) and that we used to get ephedrine and that it’s the only thing that works. And when they try and bullshit you about psuedofed etc, just say that it doesn’t work for you.

Apollo your a fucking legend! I’ll give that a go thanks

What sickness do you say you have???

Here’s another really good one: Tell your doc, any bulk billing(cos it’s free!)one, that for your job you have to have a 0.00 blood alcohol reading. Now you are sick, and you need a decongestant and pick-me-up. Pseudoephedrine causes a rise in blood alcohol (true) so you cannot use it. Ephedrine HCL does not, therefore you need it specifically.

Thanks appolo
Sorry for not reading your post properly the first time. You are a legend