Home Cholesterol Test?

Alright I hope this doesn’t get moved elsewhere as this question is more relevant (imo) for aas users who want to keep their cholesterol levels in check.

Alternecare Health Products
Cholessrx Home Test sells for like 5-7 bucks at the vitamin shoppe and supposedly gives you a reading on your cholesterol. It’s pretty damn basic though. You prick your finger, fill up a little hole with your blood till you have enough in there. Pull out a strip that sets the test in motion so to speek then when the little dot on the top turn green a certain number of minutes later you look at this light blue line that tells you where your cholesterol ranks on a numbered scale.

Many of us live in jerked off states where the sites like preventativelabs.com won’t work, and you still need a doctor’s script. What’s the reason? I have my theory and it involves certain groups of people being money hungry cocksuckin scumbags who want to fuck you out of every penny you have. SOOO, without insurance a cholesterol test can cost around $300.

My question is how fucking accurate can a test that cost me less then $10 in the store compared to one that cost $300. Am I just paying for the doctor’s son’s new BMW?