Home Chest Workout

Id like to stay away from the gym for a week, kind of a change of pace. Anyone have any good exercises for chest?? Also would you say 10 min/day of pushups is overtraining? Thanks

10 minutes of pushups?
Weird idea. Using a normal training , you’ll do about 80 PUs per minute, so you wanna do 800 PUs? Congrats for your strength-endurance. You’ll certainly will get a nice pump and three days of royal soreness.
I’d recommend you elevated pushups (feet up) with additional elevated hands (not so high as hte feet, of course) for a full ROM. I assume you never did more then 200 PUs per day, so how about this:

day one: start with 5 sets of 25 (assuming your not overweight), use various hand placements

day three: use barbells for the hand elevation or do them on your fists. Six sets of thirty.

day six: use a rucksack to get at least 20 lbs on your back. because of the elevation, you have to tighten up your core. It’s practically a fullbody exercise now. 5 sets a 25 should suffice. If you’re getting a headache you should try to feel the tension more in you core and “relax” the head while working out.

Have fun!

why not just do something different at the gym?

Here is something fun to try.
Day 1
200 Pushup at once, as many sets as you need
Day 2
400 Pushups throught the day, however many sets you want.

repeat x3

Found that on a website. It helped me do more push ups. I didn’t actually do that many pushups as I am too heavy. Just cut it down to your fitness level… or err… increase to your fitness level. You get the idea.