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Home Cardio Ideas Please


I quit the gym once again and the only thing im gonna miss from that place is the treadmill.

I love my compounds and i love my olympics and i love training with my music on my radio. Plus its outdoors training.

I want to find a way to do cardio at home, and I have a punching / kicking bag so I think I could use that for some intense cardio.

Im sure a lot of people here have used this item to succesfully do cardio with a determined series of kicks and punches with specific rest times.

If anyone could recommend me some intense cardio routines with the kicking bag it would be very helpful.


Treadmill is a dirty word, only thing my treadmill is good for is dips. Get some dumbells or anything heavy and walk with it for distance like farmers walks, or you can try running.


Check out the Bas Rutten tapes. He calls out the punch/kick combinations, calls out sprawls, and throws in some pushups and burpees to be sadistic.

Get some kettlebells and do swings/snatch for ten minutes.

Take your bag out to the park and run sprints with it on your shoulders. Or make a sandbag.


Or find a random (easily held) 10lb object or go buy some dumbells (or jugs of water!) and do Tabata Thrusters....feel the burn....


Punch (and Kick if you like) your heavy bag for 1:00 as many solid well delivered punches as possible. Then drop and do 1:00 of Sit-ups. The third minute is for resting.

When you are actually in great shape the third minute will be used for Jumping rope.


Or run some sprints out front.

Drag a sled?

Carry a sandbag?

Kbell stuff?

Jump rope?

Bodyweight GPP circuit?

That's all the cardio you need.


That statement is not entirely true. Yes, treadmill is a dirty word, but ... treadmills add a lot of variety to training when used not only for dips but as wheelbarrows too. First, choose the treadmill with the correct load (depending on the fattitude of the person on said treadmill). Then, pick up the back (the wheels are usually on the front) and RUN with it. Woohoo!

Be prepared to loose (for you, Shugart) your gym membership.

[A little of my old flavor.]



In addition to dragging, carrying, interval sprints, etc I would suggest jumping rope. I like something like 30/30 seconds (jumps for max #/rest). You can use a time total (say 20 minutes or have a set minimum that you must complete or quit) It's cheap, travels well, and is effective.

You should also check out the Cardio Confusion and Superior Circuit articles (I think Cressey and Robertson respectively). From these, I particuarly like the thought of working on weakpoints while getting in your cardio. With all of the above, you have enough choices to not get board, which is always a challange for this kind of training. I'd take any of these options over the treadmill. Good Luck.
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Get a cheap stationary bike. You can get them for like $100.


might wanna check out the tabata thread too


Jump rope.

Alternate between jumping rope and hitting the bag everytime a new song comes on.


....then throw up afterwards, LOL!

Seriously, these give you a lot of bang for your buck, do a couple of sessions over the course of a month and your fitness levels should increase significantly.


Open door, ok you have to have an open mind here.

Go OUTSIDE. Hang On!!!

Now do what you would have on the treadmill but only this time instead of a belt moving

OH boy this might be hard to grasp

You move by powering yourseldf with your legs.

WOW!!! Master hat and then do all the stuff above.


Really going outside for cardio ias bith more effective and also more fun than playing gerble.


Ive done the tabata method in the past but never saw results as good as doing VERY HIGH intensity running on the treadmill (dangerous speed haha).

has anyone really lost a good amount of fat with tabata ?

thanks for the replies