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I know that Tren is fairly easily home brewed using finaplix (sp?), but what are the other drugs that are popular/easier to home brew. Also, why dont more people do this, as it seems to me like it would be easier than trying to find a legit source, etc.?


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TJD, with access to raw material and the right equipment, anything is possible.

Wet-processed fina is one of the easier conversions, however, the drawback lies in not accurately knowning the exact mg/ml.

Brewing Test Prop. is another common process although it requires a bit more work.

As for your last question, my guess is the number of people not willing to research the process, spend a fortune, and have the possiblilty of getting ripped off exceeds those that do the opposite.


Yeah, i can see what your saying there. I asked because I knew a guy who made his own tren and he explained the process and said it was fairly easy.


I'll be attempting my first brew this coming week. prop and tren...i'll let everyone know how it turns out.


tren is way easy to convert. Converting synovex-h to prop takes a couple of days and can get pretty hairy if you don't pay attention.

FYI - never leave your prop powder to dry overnight next to a small spilled pile of Vanilla Grow! - especially if you have a neat freak for a wife that is "just trying to help".




success! 110 mg prop, 80 mg tren per cc. filtering with a .2 is a bitch. the rest was damn easy. 3 on 3 off starts monday!


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bushy...it was done with powders. i'll never use a .22 again. i was concerned about sterility issues and went with the .22.........but after some reading i realized that a .45 is really all that may be necessary. live and learn....my forearms kill!!!


I hear ya about the .22 whatman's. Never again!

I find that, unless I heat the solution, even a .45 can get pretty damn tiring.

Or maybe I'm just a big puss.


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Thought this thread was concerning beer.