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Home Brewers


For those intersted in making a sterile pain-free injectable winny, check out this link. Freak




Any home brewers here? Can anyone point me in the direction of a forum where more discussion about home brewing might be found? Thanks, Freak


I Love homebrewing. I have made converted 40g of test prop since last May as well as some test enanthate, and some tren ace. I have not tried making winny, nor am I interested in doing so, as my knees are already in bad enough shape.

But I am ordering some test prop, test enann, masteron, and deca powders for use in 2006.

I think homebrewing AAS is almost as fun as taking AAS.



did you have any problems with the prop converstion, I seem to remember some got lost in a mix up in the kitchen but how much of a pain was it to convert the Syno.

I have done the fina conversion twice and had no problems, is it the same just with an extra step to get rid of the Estogen or is it much more of a pain. thanks BB


LOL - I almost forgot about the 'Vanilla Grow! Incident'. That was just laziness and stupidity on my part and had nothing to do with the conversion process.

Synovex conversions are a little bit more involved than finaplix conversions. There are numerous sites that have pretty decent explanations of what to do. To keep it short and sweet - you need more time, and more patience with the synovex.

A LOT of rinsing, and you have to make your your final product is completely dry before putting it in solution.