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Home Brew Supply Checklist


This will be my first time home brewing, and I'm concerned that I may be forgetting something. Are there any supplies which should be on my list that aren't? Thank you.

  • Benzyl Alcohol USP, 50ml
  • Benzyl Benzoate USP, 100ml
  • Ethyl Oleate USP, 100ml

  • Cottonseed oil (food grade)

  • isopropyl alcohol (from drugstore)

  • Testosterone propionate powder, 10 grams

  • Nandrolone decanoate powder, 10 grams
  • Testosterone enanthate, 10 grams

  • 10ml syringes with 20g needles

  • 20ml vials
  • Whatman® 25 mm GD/X Syringe Filters
  • 1 glass beaker


Lots of people prefer grapeseed over the slightly cheaper cottonseed. At the end of the day its probably just splitting hairs though. I assume when you say vials you include the capping stuff, rubber stopper, etc.