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Home Brew Recipes?


looking for some good quality recipes. tren ace, primo, test e/prop, eq, deca... thanks.


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what about like a check list, process, using different solvents like eo, etc. is there a particular thread or site that is better for learning this process... thanks bush.


Try here:



Thanks for that link Dynamo. I didn't realize the process was that simple.


Shh! Everyone will notice the man behind the curtain!


thanks Dyno, good site...

just need winnie and primo now... thanks.


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I agree.. it takes more than a basic attempt, you need to understand why certain chemicals are used and in what dosages really.

I personally DO choose to create sterile injections as it IS more effective that way. But if using it indoses under 50mg/day - for say it's anti-prog effect with drol.. then i would just cap it.

I would only make an injection if it was going to be a 'main player' in a cycle and this is purely personal preference.


thanks for the great help guys... just need primo

and another question. which oil isthe thinest/best. i know this is highly debated topic, but i've gotta ask... lol.


I like both grapeseed oil and plain old soybean oil. Both can be purchased at any grocery store.

You may want to continue to look around at more than just Basskiller's recipes. Although that page is a wealth of information, there are certain places that contain instructions I would not follow, and without study, experience, and the advice of others, it's going to be hard to pull the wheat from the chaff.

One example (this is from memory, I have not perused that site recently) was a recipe for an injectible with BA but no BB. While this is possible, I sure as hell would not try it. There are a number of little things like that. 5%BA content recommended over and over, which is way more than necessary, imo, and will probably hurt like hell for many people.

Don't feel like that page is the end-all be-all of homebrewing, by any means.


It most certainly is not. Primo enanthate which i have not personally done - i would approach with the same methods as most standard estered products.

Without looking up the melting point - i would assume it is not as low as test E, in which case BA will be used (2-2.5%) - whereas it is not necessary with TE to any great degree.. (I choose to add ~1% for its bacteriostatic properties). JMO


i know it's been awhile, but thought i'd share my brewing experience. did both test e and tren. the test e i did with 2/20 and 30% EO for viscosity. the tren i went 2/20 with a 50% EO for pain and viscosity. test 250 and tren 100. lost about 20ml test from stupidity. drawing it hot and melting the syringe. lol, live and learn. the tren seemed to seperate because the bottom 10% of the beaker was much darker. so i reheated and added a ml of bb and a ml of ba. it's long cooled (both have) and they both look like christmas in july. no swirls and such. other than the stupid error my review of the process was... easier than making rame noodles, well, almost. nothing like the old taste test, though. i'll get back on that in a month or so.

thanks to everyone for there help. much appreciated.