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Home Brew Fever


Guys I usually brew my own Test-E, but my latest batch is giving me fevers the day after injection. I was wondering if this has anything to do with the amount of Benzyl Alcohol I include in the solution. I usually am shooting for 3% but might have erred on this batch so the BA could have approached closer to 5%.


I would hazard a guess at a "Yes".

5% is alot IME and could cause issue.


I've been told that 2.5% BA is all you need.



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I have used 2% everytime successfully in the past..


This is what I am thinking. I think this batch was a little light on the oil--miscaculation where I ended up a little light on the oil could boost the BA percentage pretty quick. The solution didn't crash so I bet the test per miligram is higher as well.

I think I am going to brew a batch with just a cosolovent and no preservative and use it cut this batch down.

thanks all...


no preservative will be getting into a dangerous area, most pharmacies compound something and put a 14 day expiration date on it. just remember to use good technique and sterile supplies and you should be ok, or else you will inject a shit ton of bacteria into you. get infected and end up looking like greg valention's bad bicep, cut up due to surgery.


Actually the intent is to mix a batch of 50ml up with no BA and mix it with the 100ml of 4-5% BA; rebake it to kill off anything; and then refilter everything into sterile vials. This should get me under 3% BA on the whole.


Are you positive you did your calculations wrong? I mean are you sure that the Test content is higher and you wont be diluting it?


Like Brook said 2% BA is all that is needed. Another thing you could look at is the BB, if I use anything at 20% BB I get fevers, this is with 2% BA as well. Drop down to say 14% BB with 2% BA and the fevers go away.


Filtering the solution will eliminate most the bad stuff as long as you use i think a 22 micron filter. would the baking not degrade the test? I just know how we always made vials at the pharm. I dont know what you have access to.


That is what I filter with. I dont think baking at 250 degrades the test, atleast I haven't been able to find any literature that dispels this. Usually I am just baking the oil to kill anything in it off then using warm oil to dilute the test/BA/BB mixture before filtering.

I don't think I missed on the calculation, I think I mis-measured the oil because I ended with 90ml of finished product when I usually am trying for 110ml(ish). Some is lost in transfering it from vessel to mixing jar and in filtering, but not 20ml of solution.


heating just the oil is perfectly fine.if there aint test in there; it cant be broken down. I think the test degrades around 150 or 200. i agree 20 ml is a lot to lose transfering. hopefully dilution with oil will get you back to the norm. it would be money wasted to have to start over from scratch again.