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Home Births

The good sergeant just had his first child. She is in bed sleeping with her mother now and I’m left with several thoughts:

My wife wanted to do a homebirth. Being in one of the last free states in the union this option was open to us. Despite that, I was hesitant and wanted a hospital birth. I ended up vetting the midwives and we agreed on one that was an EMT who had two other midwives (one was an apprentice) that would be there during the birth. We were also a mile from the hospital. Considering the way this birth went, I will INSIST in the future on a homebirth. I absolutely urge everyone to consider this option.

The wife is a tough cookie. She followed orders well and did this whole thing without any pain meds. To anyone woman that tells me to shut my mouth because I don’t know what it’s like to give birth, I will respond that unless she did it without pain meds then she doesn’t know what it’s like to give birth the way my wife did. The labor didn’t go off without any problems, but they were all met with calm professionalism.

The baby is the healthiest newborn I’ve ever seen. She didn’t get the eye ointment as they give to all newborns at hospitals because neither of us have gonorrea. Instead of being taken away she was instantly given to my wife which aids in the baby breastfeeding among other things. She made instant eye contact and had head and neck control. As of 2006, C-section rates in the U.S. were 31%. Our midwife’s rate is 6%.

This post isn’t to brag, but rather to get anyone that was in my position 9 months ago a moment of pause and to seriously consider homebirth. I was a skeptic, but am absolutely convinced this is better for mother and child.


I had my second all naturale and I would have definitely done a home birth if it was within our insurance network to do so…I tend to get pregnancy induced hypertension, so I have to stick with the hospital anyway.


Some friends had a home birth and they absolutely loved it. I didn’t really understand the advantages of a home birth until I experienced hospital births.

I have a ton of respect for women who have kids with pain meds. Those who do it without them totally blow my mind.

By the way, congrats on the kid!