Home Barbell Work. High Frequency, High Volume?

Hi guys,

Not exactly a beginner in lifting terms but this is a new concept for me.
I just spent a decent chunk of the first paycheck of my career on a competition level olympic barbell and 80kg of weight plates. Obviously I’ll need to start accumulating some more weights before I’ll be doing max deadlift work on it.
Now I know that some of you have full gym setups at home so hopefully someone can help.

What I’m after:
-Any experience with very high frequency training
-Any ideas regarding what kind of schedule would be good for me
-Any ideas regarding how often I can feasibly be lifting
-Any tips for losing fat for someone who doesn’t want to cut too may calories (this time around)

I am thinking that I will keep my gym membership and just go there once or maybe twice a week to do things like heavy squats, lat pulldowns, assistance exercises, basketball, boxing, and cardio

Btw I work roughly 8-4.30 every weekday. I intend to go real hard on the weekends but want to be lifting hard every day and don’t want to have to go to the gym too often.

I am currently a muscular but chubby 122kg. My goal weight is 98, although I will obviously have to reassess this when I get closer.

If it helps here is a bit of info:
-22 years old, 6 ft 1.
-Been training for years. Have very big quads and back.
-Have had a lot of trouble with dieting over the last couple of years, but in 2012 I cut from 125 down to 89. For the record I am in a much better shape right now than last time I was over 120. Right now my diet is generally aaround 3000cal per day, and has nowhere near enough veggies.
-Have mainly trained for an inefficient combination of strength, boxing, fat loss, kickboxing, wrestling, and GPP over my training career.
-I’m somewhat of a monster to the average person.
-I generally have only trained in the past to feel more dangerous, stronger, tougher, scarier, bigger and more athletic for fighting. I just love feeling that small degree of comforting beastliness that comes with knowing you can take on pretty much anyone and have a good chance of winning or at least not getting fucked up. I guess this partly comes from the fact that I’ve worked as a bouncer for the last 5 years.
-Lifts: -Deadlift: 235kg, strapped deadlift 250kg, squat:200kg, OHP: 90kg, bench:125kg, front squat:170kg.
-Longterm my goals are:

  1. Get lean (around 98kg) while keeping a lot of strength and muscle
  2. Compete in boxing, kickboxing and wrestling again, but competing in a lower weightclass. I also just don’t want to look flabby any more, to be honest.
  3. Generally just feel like I am a well-rounded, fit, strong, but still tank, guy.

So I know it is a really vague question but if anyone feels like they can make any suggestions that would be great. I am having a lot of trouble deciding on a plan that is good but satiates my desire to train a lot. Also, any easy low-carb meal ideas would be helpful.

Thank you for your time. I appreciate any suggestions.

You could do complexes or overhead presses at at home . You only have 80kg or maybe 100kg including the bar. Try to eat lots of greens and don’t count them as calories. Try working a bit on your upperbody pressing as it is lagging compared to the deadlift. Look at CT’s stuff for losing fat.

Maybe something like this?

This works great…