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Hombre's TRT Log: 34, Low E2, Normal SHBG, Normal LH


Hombre from here onward… will be re-named to:



The man loves to edge.

Bump your viagra use to at least 50mg per attempt too. 12.5 is too low for you.


All AIs man. But i also believe there is points of balance its just finding it which is the hard part.


10 days, every day, multiple times throughout a day

I never edged before 2012 (maybe rub one out for 30 mins, have an orgasm, done, ok maybe rub another one out)

NOFAP got me addicted to edging (the irony)


Do you use porn to edge?




porn free 64 days until late Sunday

last week was mainly edging to my own fantasies about past lover from a year ago, mid week I got slipped into GonewildAudio reddit subreddit.


Pin #10. Tue 10/2 evening. Test Cyp. 0.20ml / 40mg. Ventrogluteal. 27g 1/2" 0.5cc.
HCG 300 IU. Shoulder Subq 29g 1/2" 0.3cc
Some morning wood Wednesday morning. Lowish libido. I’ve been stuck with deadlift at 235# x 4 since May, 265# x 4 this morning. Maybe due to test cyp or maybe due to a slight caloric increase.

My folliculitis between scrotum and a leg, in a crease, seem to be staying the same, one week+ of mupirocin cream, plus 2 weeks before with barely any improvement. I won’t get laid with that thing, it looks scary like some STI. Checked yesterday that my insurance paid $115 for that 5-10 min office visit, urgent care. I wonder if somehow that folliculitis is tied up to TRT and acne related, but I didn’t find anything online yet.


LabCorp messed up their machine for E2 Sensitive testing and apparently all E2 testing is backed up, I still didn’t receive results since last Thursday and may not even see them this week… and tomorrow I’m doing another E2 Sensitive test, Friday morning I"m going to be as close to as a peak I would get of hourly Test Cypionate release, almost as close (19 mg per day vs 19.5mg per day) according to my 5 day half life calculations.

Some horniness is back, and I’m back to edging… Finding myself being attracted to a wider range of women in public again. Almost chased a tall jewish girl with a chubby ass, damn I miss playing with a nice jiggly butt.

Besides libido another thing I’m expecting from TRT is to get my SELF-DISCIPLINE back, on Thursday’s mornings I don’t have any appointments, no gym with a personal trainer, nothing, no morning status calls at my job. Today it took me 3.5 hours in the morning to finally leave my house to go to my office job, and I left only at 11.20 am, which is CRAZY. I met some really sexy girl early May, and she was crazy smart, ivy league, future scientist, but she was on ADHD meds. Apparently if she would not take them it takes her a really long time to get ready in mornings, I probably do have some depression or ADHD issues, just undiagnosed.


This has happened to me too from LabCorp. It actually happens quite often and I am switching to Bioreference labs


a bit far away from me, how much do they charge for E2 LC/MS, sensitive ?



Idk. My insurance picks up 100%


14 days passed and LabCorp finally gave me my E2 and Free T results (measured in a “valley”).

Looks like due to me not taking HCG, combined with lowered Test Cyp dose from 44mg TIW to 40mg TIW my Total T dropped to 760, E2 dropped to 26 (Sensitive). And I guess due to my low-low-normal SHBG I got shit ton of Free T floating around.

I should get any day results for blood samples collected when levels were almost in a “pick” (Oct 5th morning, after previous night injections + morning pregnenolone dhea/cream application).

I liked how I felt at 1000 Total T and 40 E2 on Sept 20th, I might have to call Defy to adjust my dosage back, will depend on the latest report.

Sometime I feel lazy to pin, have to push myself a bit to stay consistent… Last three days I felt very energetic at work and pretty social, I haven’t felt this way in years. Attracted to a wider range of women. Horny 70% of mornings, but horniness kinda disappears slowly as day goes… Hard to stay away from dry edging (without an orgasm).


What are the expectations here?
Do you want to be horny all day everyday?

I mean realistically men with good levels not on trt have bad days too. Stress may cause you not to have wood on a few days. Or you just don’t want to fuck some days.

  • first to get back my pre-June libido and erectile functioning: normal erections with cialis, plus desire to have sex once a week
  • next: to have sex 2 times a week instead of once (as in have enough desire/drive/libido to support that), have enough libido to drive meeting and dating new women; normal erections without needing cialis / viagra like in 2017


Got puzzling results from a third set of blood tests. Expected Total T to be around 1000. Turned out that my Total T in a peak and after a week of HCG is nearly the same as Total T in a valley prior to introducing HCG…


I know that I felt pretty good libido wise on the day of my first set of blood tests, I might wait for a week or two and call up Defy to get me back onto the original dosage of 44mg TIW.

It’s interesting how HCG 300IU TIW according to test results does almost nothing to Total T and mainly raises E2.


Something weird is happening, recently did a test on usual Thursday morning, 10 hours before next injection (in a “valley”). Expected my T to be around 600 in a valley, since earlier in a peak it was 793. My Total T is 906 this time, high E2, which doesn’t make sense if Test Cyp half life is 5 days. Those numbers only makes sense for me if Test Cyp half life was something like 12 days or more.

Libido is nothing to write home about. I think I should drop HCG for 1-2 weeks to see how I would feel and collect numbers after being 1 week off HCG (curious if HCG does give me that E2 bump, and Total T bump, and on that morning I forgot to apply Pregnenolone / DHEA cream, E2 might have been even higher)


Dude, nice journey / log. Keep posting!

Please stop messing with dosages every few weeks. Start protocol and stick with it 6…8 weeks. Give your body time to adapt. If you keep making changes after changes you will never achieve your goals.