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Hey Holymac, are you holding onto that girls purse? Or is she holding on to yours?




No. She's holding his sack. He's just guiding her hand.



wtf vegita.

speaking of which though, that's the one thing that makes me absolutly LOSE it. is you'll see some girl running around saying hi to everyone and being social, and this poor schmuck is standing there in the corner holding all her shit.

or just in general walking around with her purse. and then you yell out 'hey, nice purse queer' and they look at you and for a moment they consider doing something about it, but then it clicks that if they did have the nuts to actually do/say something, they wouldn't be holding a GODDAMN PURSE in the first place.


personally I think you cropped the wrong side of the picture....


One day I'm going to walk around with a purse just so guys will give me shit about it. Theyll comment on my purse, I'll tell them to eat a dick, then start a huge brawl.

No one would see it coming.


Or maybe when they give you shit about it, you say "Well it's the only way I could carry around my .357" and then shoot them in the face with the .357 you carry around in your purse ... it'll be justified since they called you a pussy.


Please god make a video of such hilarity and share with us poor, common folk.


Does this mean that after all these years of carrying a purse you're finally gonna retort to someones comment?

Well, Mike, I'm pretty sure everyone in your town is used to "the guy with the purse".

Try it in a different city.


Or! Or! Hide your first in it and be like "What did the purse say to the face?!" Tapoutwearing shirt guy "I don't know I'm ghey?" "No, hidden punch attack number 34!"...then proceed to punch him and his buddies and perhaps his gf as well.

But the gun idea sounds pretty sick.


so i figured i'd make the most of this thread and talk about the random things in my life currently.

party in the usa. FUCK I CAN'T GET THIS OUT OF MY HEAD.

lol i know it's a miley cirus video. trust me. listen to it once. you'll catch yourself singing along.

or maybe i'm a flaming queer. either way


more shit:

a lot of people use a dinner and a movie date as the bread and butter of a first date. or within the first 5 dates.

fucking SWITCH that shit around. go to a movie and THEN dinner. preferably after a funny movie. that way if you feel a lull in the conversatio coming up, you can always fall back on the movie if u're that uninterested.

plus you can always imatate the people/scenes from the movie and make her laugh, so even if u're really not that funny, she'll associate you with being funny.


hey Mac, what's up with the video with the lunk alarm?


Yeah HM, you need all the help you can get.




Ohhhhh sshheeetttt


My ex and I did this. First date I believe...and you're right, I thought he was funny for the reasons you said. Then he just turned out to be an asshole that wasn't very funny. Deception, deception.

Funny though, one of the next few dates was putt putt and he carted my purse around the course without me asking. Being fake nice isn't very nice at all.


Now that is comedy genius and a good idea


fucking owned, all over the place


dude, you guys have to remember the logistics of it.

it's no tthat i can't do it. i need someone who is willing to take the time out of their day, bring a camera, bs their own way into PF, and set up shop.

i need the right opportunity


Forget them Holymac. You don't have to take their crap. By the way, I really like your candy necklace. I used to wear those too... when I was 6.