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HolyMacaroni is Amazing


seriously. like i would vote him for president. he makes my thing go 'whistle, whistle'


MMF then?


Tastes like salvation.


I think it's just an MM this time around...


"I want to hang out with him till the end of time."


I'm curious about what prompted this public display of heterbro affection? :slight_smile:


Theyre both high on pre-workout powder. Trying on each other's clothes and stuff like that.


Well, i'm sure they both look super hot in their Affliction shirts.

Ftr, i'd do HM and i'm not even gay.


HM will have to drop out of the race once the "nailed my 6th grade teacher" thread MYSTERIOUSLY comes outta nowhere.


No it's cool, he just won't run as a 'values' candidate; he's strong enough in other areas to make it work.


Is HM an ugly white guy or a handsome Asian? I've never been able to tell.


god fuck HM for abusing the laptop privileges I gave him!

We are no longer friends.


The plot thickens...



Not really.

Maybe Way should just be more careful about who he leaves alone with his laptop.


Handsome Asian.


lol. i really think most ppl on here underestimate how big waylander is

ftr - i'm 5'9 and 235lbs


over 9 inches?



Manscaping would help, also.


Handsome Asian it is, then.


Finally something in this thread I understand........ the look of someone who's shit-faced.