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HolyMac, You Should Join Blackwater


You're the only guy in the services I know. On Bill Maher last night they were talking about Blackwater.

If yall don't know what it is, Google it.

I think it would make you more of a badass. Only then might I do some MMF shit with you.



Holymac is already at his badass limit. Just ask your mom about last night...


If joining blackwater was that easy, everyone would do it.


I don't know if Mac is special ops or not, but they usually only take spec ops with a ton of experience.



i've been to their site before and they only take people out of special forces who've been in special forces for like 10 years. they dont fuck around - but they pay like 100 grand a year too. sooo


maybe special ops army. Granted a basic marine is on that level :smiley:

I know a few marines who were just basic ground infantry that wen't in. Had their papers and everything ready to join up before they were even out of the corps. Also knew a helicopter pilot from L.A. who was just about signed up, had some family problems and tossed the idea though.


Given that he's pretty young (<25), I doubt he has much experience. And also, since he has issues living up to commitments (Planet Fitness), I don't know how great of an addition he'd be to Blackwater.

Kidding aside, isn't it now known as something else? Xe I think?


Yeah because being a political pawn is definitely a sweet job.


Blackwater is a mercenary group, not held under many government regulations. They're their own pawns.


Blackwater is a praetorian guard for the 21st century. They answer to no one except the president. It is an anti-democratic institution.


It's not Blackwater USA anymore. Now it is called Xe.


Where can I sign up?


HM failed to set off a lunk alarm I'm pretty sure BlackWater would frown upon that epic fail

I know I'm frowning


I wouldnt do what they do for only $100k a year. You could make more then that doing private security locally.


As stated already Blackwater is now called Xe.

The reason why they hire the high-speed-low-drag types is so that everyone has a base of skill to work with.

You could commit upwards of a decade of your life in military special ops or LE SWAT teams or you could pay them a large chunk of money and they can run you through their academy so you can work for them under contract for a certain number of years.

The 100k a year may sound great but I believe that is devoid of all benefits. They may issue some gear but beside that it's mainly on your dime.


Wasn't the company formerly known as blackwater infamous for cutting costs and getting some of it's employees killed? Something about promising armored and heavily armed cars for transport and they showed up in just plain old hummers and the mercs got ambushed and killed.

Something like that?

Even if 100g doesn't sound like that much for what they do, its really only a "part time" job. From what I understand they can make up to $500/hour


There primary requirement is a lack of morals and ethics. A lot of these guys are just not very good guys. I have met a few and so have alot of the marines i served with. Overall assesement....quite a few of them are dicks


"Not held under many government regulations" how convenient for the government then isn't it to have a mercenary force under their control who reports to no one?




Blackwater is notorious for failing to protect their employees. Question or fail to do an order and you and your family will get sued into oblivion. There are better oppurtunities out there