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HolyMac is Fail


Got some good feedback in the Lunk Alarm thread. Think this needs a thread of it's own. Enjoy




kinda weird though, considering i don't 'know' you even in the sense of knowing you here on T-Nation


Dude, I'm the grey man. Don't worry, I'm not offended, I'm used to not being noticed. It's okay.


Hey, Celtics made a youtube video just for me with my name in the title even.

It was a response to when I posted that perhaps in real life he had a stutter.

He has since taken it down.


This is super funny.






I used to really like the Pokemon macaroni when I was younger.




LMFAO .... I still have a chance of making the vid before Holy Mac....






lend a hand: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/diet_performance_nutrition_supplements/dropping_bf


.......what the fuck....


The more threads you spam with this the less likely it is for anyone to answer. The internet is the most spiteful place in teh world.


Lol Wolbarret, epic Benny Hill avatar.




This thread is like meeting someone who a friend introduces you to as someone who they have spoken about (you) without you knowing the context of the conversation, then it makes you wonder what your friend actually thinks of you for having introduced you to this person.

It's like that, only this thread doesn't smell like chicken broth straight out of the can, like the guy you were so awkwardly introduced to.

You know what I mean?


cool analogy bro

[but seriously, I get it and yes that is what this thread is like]


Trying to decide what is weirder. The OP's thread, or the the guy who linked to his other thread.