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HolyMac Adventures to South Florida


hey guys, i fly into ft laurderdale this friday for 10 days.

places to lift, places to check out, places to eat, places to mmf all appriciated




naw naw hellllzzzz no don't slap nuts.



did u end up renting a vehicle?


Go to Miami if you wanna MMF. It's ft lauderdale btw.

Lauderdale is for old retired folks.

Go to the beach and see what you can find, best bet.

Expect a lot of old people driving nice ass cars and yachts. And of course lots of gold diggin hoes.



dude between insurance, dumbasses, and the fact that i am under 25 years old, has made it a pain in the ass.

so nothing spectacular, i got a chevy camero


You brought the camera, right?


lol it's this upcoming friday.

and yes, i'm bringing a camera


wish i was coming with ya brother, "Boats and ho's, boats and hos"

i require a lot of pics and a lunk alarm would be nice


They have a good selection of hand-rolled cigars down there, smoke a few for me.


You suck at spelling, Mac. lol.


itz cuz eyem knot ah reel pursun!



:slightly_smiling: I'm going to Panama City Beach for spring break, that should be fackin sweet.




Have fun down here, pass by Miami when you get the chance


Dude, when aren't you in Florida? I thought the military was supposed to put you to work, not send you on mini-vacations.


no pics? i don't care then.


hit me up. i got some good places we can terrorize.




If you make it to Miami, say hi to Michael Westin for me.