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Holy Testicle Tuesday!

I’ve been on Mag-10 and doing Growth Surge Phase II for one week, and I’m up 13 pounds. Yipee!!!

Great Job Zev! - You’re giving me something to look forward to in a couple of weeks :slight_smile: Keep it up!

It’s very cool to see a long time contributor and familiar name report these kinds of gains. Zev, what was your situation before this progress? How lean were you? Have you bulked before? Is this your first time on MAG-10? I’m sure with all the reading and study you’ve done here, you had it together. Congrats.

Steve, when I began the Mag-10 I was coming off Growth Surge Phase I – that is to say, two weeks of slightly hypocaloric eating and fairly low volume and intensity workouts. My bodyfat (according to the Jackson-Pollock 3 site equation) was around 7% and my weight was ~195. I’ve bulked many times before in my life, but never with the assistance of anything like Mag-10 and not with so many calories per day in a while. My bodyfat hasn’t been above ~8.5% in around 9 months.