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Holy Shit, Belts Work!


I had to make this thread as soon as I got home from the gym because I am just that excited about it.

On Monday I got the retro belt that I ordered from Elitefts a couple weeks ago. I had never used a belt in my life, but I plan on entering a PL meet sometime next year, so I figured I may as well try one out. I was skeptical because I didn't quite see how they could be that much help, but I was wrong.

I am currently doing 5/3/1. I have always read mixed reviews on belts for deads, so I figured I should just wait till Saturday and use them for squats, which of course is today and wow. I put it on and put that 300 pound bar on my back for my last set (weak shit, I know) and I have never felt so stable.

42 days ago my best with 300 was 5 reps, which almost killed me, and today I got a relatively easy 9, smooth reps. I know I have gotten stronger, but not that much stronger, last week I squatted 285 for 8, which took a lot of will power.

I don't quite know how people could respond to this thread, other than ripping me apart, but I just wanted to share my excitement with people who might understand...


Belts give your a thicker waist improving your leverage, same concept as wraps around the knee, but with your waist.


I like belts as well, but not for the mentioned leverage improvements, but for the added safety.


i like belts for sex....o


The added core stability could give you some serious leverage.


The only small problem with belts is that people then start cheating on deadlifts and curve their lower back turning it into a back raise. As long as your technique is good, you'll be on your way. Although I just realized that people do that with or without a belt.


no, im not buying that. you dont simply put the belt on, thus creating a thicker waist, and have improved lifts. the belt comes into play, for example, when youre in the hole on a squat,

and the only thing keeping you from crumpling over and missing the lift or rising back out of the hole is the tightness and power that you feel as you push your stomach out against that belt, as if youre trying to bust out of it. you cant wrap packing foam around your waist, to make it thick as hell, and achieve the same thing.

knee wraps treat your knee like a really damn tight spring. further down you go, the more compressed the spring, hence the rebound. nothing about making the knee thicker.


Ummm....not really. The point of the belt is to increase the amount of intra-abdominal pressure you can exert, resulting in greater force and stability. It's basically like having an extra set of abdominal muscles that helps to solidify your base. Wraps are used to give more spring out of the hole, thus they are made from elastic fabrics.