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Holy S@*&!!

I couldn’t do it. No way. I’d just lay there and die, or die struggling to get unpinned. WOW.


hopefully he tied a turnikit first and waited for the leg to go numb, hopefully

“After freeing himself, he cried out for help, and a neighbor passing through this sparsely populated area heard him.”

haha, so he didn’t really have to cut off his leg! He coulda just called for help until that guy passed by.

His leg was probably numb from being crushed. Combine that with a strong sense of self preservation, and you’ve got a man who’s not ready to meet death.

Aron Ralston comes to mind.

Wonder if he tried to cut the tree around his leg before he cut his leg off? Or dig out the ground under his leg? Or call for help before he started cutting?

[quote]Mr. Clean & Jerk wrote:
Aron Ralston comes to mind.[/quote]

ralston’s knife was so dull he had to break his arm, twice, before he could use the knife to hack free.

[quote]Mr. Clean & Jerk wrote:
Aron Ralston comes to mind.[/quote]

Is that the guy who did the same for his arm from underneith the boulder?

It takes tremendous willpower to pull of something like this, and I’d die before I could do it. But somehow, I wonder if he’s sorry for not waiting a bit longer now.

11 hours may seem an awfully long time to be trapped under a tree, but you can survive quite a bit longer than that.

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That’s pretty amazing Damici, but I still can’t figure out what the hell this has to do with Jessica Biel…



Oh, Jessica . . . right.

Well, to round out my point, if it had been Jessica Biel trapped under that tree, with her buff little guns, she – having the strength of 6 average men – would’ve been able, using only her free arm, to lift that massive tree right off of herself and get free. Hell, she’d actually stay there for a couple minutes doing alternating sets of one-arm tree-bench-presses with the damn thing!

After which, I would show up, dust the dirt off of her, feign extreme concern and ask exasperatedly, “Are . . . Are you OK??!?” At which point she would welcome me as her hero and we would make mad, passionate, loud lovin’ on the spot.

Good enough for you, Sabrina? :wink:

NOW, back on-topic people!


After 11hrs most likely the arm was completely numb, and the muscle tissue, skin, etc was starting to rot away.

Knew a guy who was pinned by his tractor, and he cut off his own leg and crawled away. As the crushed leg burnt with the tractor.

Tough guy, but morale of story is: have a cabin. Don’t roll tractor. Carry a phone. Carry a backup phone. (no phones back then though)

These accidents and self de-limbafying more common than people realise.

During the early wars when people had limbs amputated without painkillers (apart from brandy or rum) they didn’t even scream out. Tough bastards back then. A few in my family had limbs cut off and never complained.

Of course, always harder to do it yourself. But when the choice is immediate, like burning to death, plus already the limb is stuffed, much easier.